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Red's Read on Take-Two

Red Thomas gives his read on the Take-Two situation regarding the development of Kerbal Space Program 2 as reported by Bloomberg in June. Bloomberg's reporter likely got a few things wrong and Red levies his experience as a business owner and having been subcontracted on a number of occasions to provide some perspective.

What Are You Playing During the Outbreak? - July 2020 Edition

It's a pretty weird and unsettling time in this world of ours right now. With many of us hunkering down at home, things can get downright boring at times. Fortunately, if you're someone who enjoys videogames, you likely have a backlog of games to play through or even some new titles to play in the coming days and weeks.

World of Warcraft - The Journey Through Maldraxxus

Join Robin as she checks out Maldraxxus on the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Alpha.

Guild Wars 2 - Don't Let Aurene See You Bashing Dragons

Join Robin as she breaks down the Dragon Bash event in Guild Wars 2.

EA Doubles Down on Star Wars: What I'd Like to See

EA only has the license until 2023, but it's my view that this change in approach is a signal that the company would like to keep that license, so I expect to see quite a few projects pop up between now and then to make up for some seriously lost time. With that in mind, if EA is going to be doubling down on Star Wars, these are some of the games I'd like to see.

MMOSide Chat: Has An Update Ever Really Sucked You Back Into An MMO?

With the current EVE Online Invasion happening, Bradford is sucked into the rabbit hole that is New Eden. Has there ever been a game update or in-game event that drew you back into your favorite game?

Star Wars: Squadrons - The Star Wars Space Sim is Back!

If you told me that in the year 2020 I would be getting a remake of Final Fantasy VII, a sequel to Vampire: the Masquerade Bloodlines, Baldur's Gate III, and Star Wars: Squadrons, a spiritual successor to the X-Wing/TIE Fighter series of Star Wars space "sims," I would've told you that you were absolutely full of it.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Economic Failure

Red Thomas builds an economic empire in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord and loses it all in a wild bid to become the in-game world's first cattle baron. A tale of woe and anguish awaits those brave souls that dare enter here.

MMOSide Chat - MMORPGs On Streaming Services - Do You Want Them?

With ESO hitting Stadia this week, Bradford wondered if there was an ideal MMO he'd like to see on a streaming platform.

Taking a Look at Warframe's The Deadlock Protocol Update

Update 28, The Deadlock Protocol, brought a large amount of changes to Waframe. While the update was filled numerous changes and additions to the game, there were some changes that were not as great as Aaron hoped.

World of Warcraft - Finally Ardenweald

Take a spin with Robin as she breaks down her thoughts on World of Warcraft's Ardenweald, straight from the Shadowlands Alpha.

Wizard101 - Keeping Things Challenging

Seth talks about balancing and keeping things difficult in a MMO like Wizard101 in his latest column.

The Hits & Misses of Sony's PlayStation 5 Presentation

Aside from Mark Cerny's presentation, Sony's marketing for the PlayStation 5 has been a bit low key. Gamers everywhere have been looking forward to more details on the console or to just see the damn thing for some time now. Yesterday, Sony finally delivered. How did it go? These are some of the hits and misses of the presentation.

Red's Read on Desperados 2: Cooper's Revenge

Desperados 3 is out in a week, so Red Thomas takes a look back at Desperados 2: Cooper's Revenge in an effort to decide how excited he should get about the newer title. As the smoke clears, Red's opinion is the only one left standing.

MMOSide Chat - Was There Ever An MMO Mechanic That Didn't Quite Work For You?

MMOs add new mechanics all the time to spice up the gameplay. Sometimes they are game changing, making the experience feel much better overall. Other times they are a detriment, or simply don't quite change the game in a meaningful way. Has there ever been a much-anticipated mechhanic that just didn't do it for you?