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2021 MMO Holiday Round Up

Mitch Gassner Posted:
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The stockings are hung, the presents are wrapped, and the fruitcake is sitting untouched. With all of the holiday chores done, all that’s left now is to log into your favorite MMO and scoop up all of the holiday loot. Don’t have a favorite MMO? We’ve compiled a list of 50 MMO holiday events for you to choose from. If your MMO of choice isn’t on the list, be sure to let us know in the comments below so everyone can join in on the holiday fun.

Aion - Return of the Winter Park Queen

Winter has arrived in Aion, and with it comes a new holiday event. Running through January 1, Daevas that are at least level 76 can enter the new Winter Park to earn experience points and rewards by completing new quests and defeating the Winter Park Queen.

Albion Online - Uncle Frost

Uncle Frost has returned to Albion. From now until December 30, there is a chance that Uncle Frost will appear at the end of any T4+ dungeon, and players who defeat him will receive a final chest packed with special Yule-themed items including snowballs and the rare Yule Stag mount skin.

The Uncle Frost event isn’t the only way to earn holiday-themed goodies, though. The Yuletide Challenge has been a month-long event where players can earn points to earn rewards like the Snow Husky or Avatar Ring. Although the Yuletide Challenge ends on December 31, players have until February 1 to claim a Festive Reindeer mount when they refer a friend and they purchase 30 days of Premium. Multiple referrals will also earn you some Tomes of Fame.

Black Desert Online - Multiple Events

Along with all of the regular ongoing BDO events, there are a trio of holiday events for players to enjoy:

Blade and Soul - Winter Soulstice

Although most of the Winter Soulstice events ended on January 19, be sure to log in on December 25 to get your share of Divine Gifts: 3 Festive Yarn, 5 Fusion Stone, 1 Heavy Gold Chest, and 3 Divine Secrets Chests.

Champions Online - Winter Event

Help Santa take care of his naughty list by fighting crime during Champion’s Online Winter Event. Each week, find the hidden Toymaker presents and collect Winter Charms to purchase special rewards at the Toymaker’s Apprentice.

City of Heroes Homecoming - Visit The Ski Chalet In Pocket D

Along with some updates and bug fixes, the patch at the end of November heralded the arrival of winter to Atlas Park and the opening of the Ski Chalet in Pocket D.

Closers - Closer-mas

Have a Merry Christmas in Closers by collecting your daily Christmas Attendance gift from Santa just for logging in. You can also earn extra gifts by participating in the Christmas Treasure Hunt.

Dauntless - Frostfall

Frostfall is a festive time, with plenty of events to enjoy. Start things off by tossing a few snowballs at friends in the Snowforts and Snowball Fight events. Then, move on to more challenging tasks, like defeating the newly-upgraded Deepfrost Embermane, Frostwulf. 

DC Universe Online - Season’s Greedings 2021

Larfleeze is back and he has stolen all the holiday gifts across the DC Universe. Heroes and villains alike will want to recover the stolen gifts to get winter clothing, holiday goodies, and other rewards.

Destiny 2: The Dawning 2021 – Bungie Help

Celebrate the winter season and the spirit of giving in The Dawning. Running until January 4, players can defeat enemies to earn materials that can be combined in Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.1 to create baked gifts. After creating your first gift, speak to Eva Levante at the Tower to unlock her full inventory of bounties, quests, and upgrades.

Dungeons & Dragons Online - The Snowpeaks Festival

It’s out with the old and in with the new in Stormreach, with the Risia Ice Games and Midwinter Festival being replaced this year by the all-new Snowpeaks Festival. Earn Snowpeak Coins and Frozen Keys by defeating a new Champion type, Scourge of the Snowpeaks. Use the keys to access the Snowpeaks, where you will take to the slopes and slide down a course to collect even more coins. Then, turn in all of your coins for rewards, both old and new.

Echo of Soul -  Holiday Calendar

Each day in December check out the EoS calendar for daily giveaways, hunt for Santa Pori in the Hide and Seek event, and get some free gifts from random EoS Facebook giveaways.

Elder Scrolls Online - New Life Festival

ESO’s New Life Festival started last week and will continue through January 4. To join in on the fun, simply grab the New Life Festival quest in the Crown Store and then make your way to the New Life Herald Breda found south of the city of Windhelm.

Elyon - Santa’s Festival Missions

Although stage 2 of the Ignous the Pyro raid requires players to be level 46, everyone can enjoy Santa’s festival Missions that were added to Elyon in the latest patch. If the extra missions aren’t enough, you can also earn additional holiday rewards by logging in daily, and staying logged in for 30 minutes will earn you a key that can open up Festival Treasure chests scattered across the Realms.

EVE Online -  Winter Nexus

You can enjoy the Winter Nexus holiday event from now until January 4. Whether you make your fame through combat or mining, be sure to head to into the Volatile Ice Storms found throughout Hisec, Lowsec, and Nullsec to earn fabulous rewards including SKINs and boosters. You can also earn bonus Skill Points by throwing snowballs at fellow pilots in The Chilling Spree, or simply log in during the 13 Days of Nexus to collect daily gifts.

Everquest - Frostfell

Every year during the Frostfell event, Santug Claugg comes to Everquest. The first stage of Frostfell ended on December 15. Stage two continues through December 30, so you still have plenty of time to join in on the holiday fun and earn all kinds of rewards.

Everquest II - Frostfell

It may share the same name as the EQ event, but Frostfell in EQ2 features a completely different holiday schedule. Why not experience them both?

Fallout 76 - Holiday Scorched

Starting December 21, the Holiday Scorched are back. Easily identified by their Santa suit, each Holiday Scorched you loot will earn you a Holiday Gift. You can get extra loot by buying wrapping paper at a vendor and then using it at a Tinker’s bench to create even more Holiday Gifts.

Final Fantasy XI - Starlight Celebration

In the FFXI version of the Starlight Celebration, goblins have stolen all of the Moogles’ prized presents and it’s your job to get them back. Just be sure to check out all of the other holiday events before the Starlight Celebration ends on December 31.

Final Fantasy XIV - Starlight Celebration

It doesn’t matter if this is your first year playing FFXIV or your eighth, you don’t want to miss the festivities of the Starlight Celebration. It’s totally worth waiting in the login queue to help out Rudy the Yeti in the seasonal quest, A Very Yeti Starlight.

Fortnite - Winterfest

Everyone’s favorite battle royale is getting into the holiday mood with Winterfest. Head to the Winterfest Lodge, where Sgt. Winter will be handing out gifts until January 6. There are also quests to complete to earn even more gifts.

Guild Wars 2 - Wintersday 2021

Log in every day during Wintersday (December 14 through January 3) for a chance to win some sweet gaming gear. And while you are in-game, be sure to take in all Wintersday has to offer by grabbing your invitation to Wintersday in your mailbox. 

Lord of the Rings Online - Yule Festival

There are plenty of events to partake in during the Yule Festival. Catch a seasonal show at the local theatre, get into a snowball fight, stuff your face in an eating contest, and experience all of the alternate endings of the Aid the Other quest. Even the grumpiest of dwarves will find it hard to not have a good time.

Maplestory - Magic Miracle Time Event

If you wondered which MMO had the most confusing holiday event rules, be sure to check out the Maplestory Magic Miracle Time event. Good luck, I hope the rewards are worth the effort.

Neverwinter - The Winter Festival of Simril

Be sure to head to the village of Twilight Tor before January 6 if you wish to partake in the Winter Festival of Simril. Once there you can try your hand at the Twilight Run sled race, or slow things down a bit and relax with some Ice Fishing. Either way, don’t forget to bring your weapons so you can help defend the citizens of Twilight Tor in the Monsters on Ice event.

New World - Winter Convergence Festival

The Winter Warrior and the Winter Wanderer have made their way to Aeternum for the first of what I expect will be an annual Winter Convergence Festival. Seven new quests, Ice Caves, and gleamite collecting are just some of the many activities to enjoy before the festival leaves Aeternum on January 11.

Old School Runescape - Christmas 2021

Help an unfortunate squire who’s turned his Santa costume pink restore it to its former glory. 

Orbus VR - Winter Festival of Strangers

Visit the Festival NPC outside the gates of Highsteppe to get started on the main ‘Strangers’ quest. You can also seek out the Festival Farmer for a scavenger hunt and Pierre Cenn to start the Snowman Critter Capture mission.

Overwatch - Winter Wonderland

Running through January 6, the Winter Wonderland event is your chance to earn wintry and holiday-themed skins.

Pirate 101

The 12 Days of Spiral has already ended, but be sure to check the Tradewinds Tribune for any last-minute surprises throughout the holiday season.

Planetside 2 - Auraximas

Auraximas has arrived in Planetside 2, bringing with it new challenges and festive rewards. And be sure to log in December 24-26 for triple XP (members only) and December 31 - January 2 for double XP for everyone!

Project Gorgon

The celebration of Ri-Shin is in full swing, and townsfolk can’t wait to give you gifts if you’re willing to help them set up their Ri-Shin trees. 

Ragnarok Online - Snow Flower Festival

Head to Aldebaran and speak to Winter to begin your holiday quest. After completing the initial quest, be sure to come back daily to earn more rewards by completing several repeatable quests.

Rift - Fae Yule

There’s still time to participate in the Fae Yule event before it ends on January 6. You only have to be level 15 to pick up the daily quests, so all of your alts will be able to gather Snowflakes. Once you’ve amassed a pile of Snowflakes, head to the Rift store and pick out your rewards. You can purchase holiday-themed portraits, capes, mounts, and more.

Runes of Magic

Celebrate the holidays in Runes of Magic with daily login rewards and weekly boosts from December 20 through January 9. You’ll also have a chance to exchange Moas Cores for special rewards by visiting Owenstein any time between December 23 and January 1.

Runescape - Presents From the Sledge

Postie Pete and Parcel Pete were helping Santa wrap presents, but they used the wrong paper! Now it’s up to you to find wrapping paper that’s scattered throughout the world to make things right. And for being such a good little helper, you’ll earn a few presents for yourself as a reward. 

Ryzom - Atysmas

Pet Rudolf, be a grinch or an elf, complete a jigsaw puzzle, and free Spirits of Atysmas that are trapped inside of snowmen, collect presents, and check your Advent calendar every day of Atysmas. That’s a lot to do, but you have until January 6 to get it all done.

Sea of Thieves - Festival of Giving

During the Festival of Giving, gift treasure to other crews, who’ll then hand it in to the Trading Companies on your behalf. Each gift will increase your progress towards earning exclusive event rewards, and up to five gifts per day will earn you bonus gold and Renown.

Secret World Legends - Krampusnacht

The Krampus Gate is open once again - defeat the invading Krampus. Then take the battle to Niflheim itself.

Skyforge - Winter Celebration

For starters, head to the Park to claim your daily present from now until January 8. Then seek out Asterius, who will enlist you to help with some pesky Khelps. Finally, test your skills at the ice skating track in Aelinar to earn Icy Gems that can be redeemed for festive items.


SoulWorker is celebrating the holiday season with a month-long boost event. There is also a Key event through December 22, followed by a Merry Christmas Voucher Event running from December 23 through December 31.

Star Citizen - Luminalia 2951

Count down to Luminalia (December 22) with the 12 Days of Gifts. It’s your chance to pick up 12 free (yes, free) gifts. 

Star Trek Online - Q’s Winter Wonderland

Earn your way to a new Tier 6 Starship by completing one of six daily activities: Fastest Game on Ice, Klingon Ice Fishing, Tides of Ice, The Fast and the Flurrious, Cones of Conduct, and The Kramp’lhri. Additional completions, along with other Winter Event activities, will earn you Holiday Ornaments that can be exchanged for a variety of wintery rewards.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

It would be a mortal sin to break cannon and have a Christmas event in SWTOR, but December is still full of in-game events. You can earn Snow-Covered Parcels by participating in Life Day events, pick up some bounties during Bounty Contract Week (Dec. 28 - Jan 4), and it’s double XP for all until January 4. Oh, and there’s a little event going on to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of SWTOR that will last all of 2022.

Swords of Legends Online - Shenzhou’s Winter Festival

Snow is falling in Shenzhou, and that means there are fun minigames and quests to celebrate the holidays. Along with some daily quests, you’ll be able to turn into a snowman and compete in a couple of PvP events. Best of all, you’ll be able to earn some exclusive winter rewards!


Tera’s Advent Calendar ends on December 27, so you can still collect a few daily rewards. Even though you may have missed out on most of the calendar, there’s still a bunch of other events, quest boosts, and discounts available.

Trove - Snowfest

The Trovian winter has started and snow is falling throughout the Hub. Enter Present Dungeons and Tree Dungeons and defeat the enemies within to collect gifts until Snowfest ends on December 28.

World of Tanks - Holiday Ops

Log into WoT during the Holiday Ops event and see your garage transformed into a winter wonderland. It’s a season of giving, so your garage will already have a new gift: the brand new T3 Convertible, a tier 3 Premium American vehicle. During the event, complete missions to increase your Festive Atmosphere and earn small loot boxes.

World of Warships - Captain’s Holiday Tree

As ornaments on the Captain’s Tree light up, complete missions to earn free gifts. 

World of Warcraft - Feast of Winter Veil

The Feast of Winter Veil is now live for both Shadowlands and Classic. You can expect a few new gifts this year along with all of the goodies from previous years.


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