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2017 in Review

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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And just like that the holidays have passed us by. It's hard to believe that 2018 will be here in less than a week! Hopefully KingsIsle has some cool stuff in store for the new year, but in the meantime, let's look back on all of the new features 2017 brought us!

April - Monstrology

Intended to be an extension of the myth school, Monstrology offered players a broad new in-game hobby. By capturing "Animus," almost any undead creature in the spiral could be your powerful minion or even a welcoming house guest. The Monstrodome also gave players the chance to battle their captured souls with friends. In addition to the big Monstrology aspect, 3 new skeleton key bosses (Sapoti, Captain Hockins, Verboten Mimic), new 118 pets, and Aquila fishing all made their way into the game in this spring update.

July - PvP

2017's summer update largely revolved around PvP. Daily rewards were added to provide some duelist incentive, new dispel shields attempted to disrupt dispel spammers, and a new turn-based tournament mode gave PvPers a small glimpse into what the future could hold. PvP is anything but balanced nowadays, but it's always good to know that KingsIsle is aware and at least trying to fix it. Speaking of fixes, July's update also updated Menu Chat's list of phrases, added in-game emojis, and introduced the Friend Chat Channel. Although I personally still use outside chat sources to communicate with my friends, I think it's really neat that KingsIsle tried to make their in-game chat more useful and dynamic.

November - A New World (well, part)

The big one. November's update invited max level players to the new world of Empyrea. Full of geeky references, polished cinematics, and memorable characters, Empyrea raised the level cap to 125 and left everyone on a major cliffhanger. The conclusion to Empyrea (and the third arc) won't be revealed until 2018! Aside from a new adventure, the fall 2017 update also delivered on a donate shadow pip spell, deck sorting, and MORE SPACE. It's about time KingsIsle increased bank and backpack space. Hallelujah! Oh, and Revered Crafting made a big (and controversial) splash. Incorporating aspects from all different parts of the game including fishing, PvP, and silver chests, Revered Crafting encourages players to master all sorts of in-game hobbies.

2017 was a great year in the spiral, but I'm eager to see what's ahead. I'm still holding out on Derby Spectator Mode (pleasssseeeee???) and a new moose mount. I can dream, okay?! What was your favorite new feature introduced this year and what would you like to see in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 


Vanessa Mythdust