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Because everyone needs a break from the main quest sometimes. Side Quests is MMORPG's new general gaming column. While we love MMOs here, we do sometimes need a break from the grind and try other things. Side Quests is our place to talk about those things. Join us on a little side quest, won't you?

Disney Dreamlight Valley Takes Animal Crossing To The Magic Kingdom

Jason takes the latest Animal Crossing-like title, Disney Dreamlight Valley, which according to him, has no right to be as good as it is in the end.

Was There An MMO That Ever Surprised You With How Much You Liked It?

Every once in a while we start to play a game that we don't think will be our cup of tea, only to realize just how much we enjoyed it in the end. MMOs can be the same way. Was there ever an MMO you didn't think you'd like, but somehow were surprised by just how much you enjoyed it in the end?

PAX West 2022: LUCID Is An Upcoming Platformer That Is Inspired By 90s Gameplay Nostalgia

During PAX West this year, Bradford checked out an upcoming adventure platformer that any 90s gaming fan should come to enjoy, LUCID.

Side Quests: Talking The New Pro FS-12 At EVO 2022 With Victrix's Trevor Lehr

During Evo 2022, Victrix unveiled two new fightsticks: a revamp of its existing Pro FS, and an all-button layout of its stick, the Pro FS-12. We talked with Victrix's Trevor Lehr about the stick and the story behind those beautiful gold trophies.

Side Quests: EVO 2022 Reminded Me Of Why I Love PvP, Whether Online Or In Person

Bradford attended the Evolution Championship Series in Las Vegas this past weekend and came away from it reminded why he loves PvP - either in person or online.