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Indie MMO Spotlight

Each week, Mitch scours the internet for all things indie MMO-related, so you don’t have to. Join us in our weekly look at Indie MMORPGs.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Happy Indie Thanksgiving!

This week, Eternal Tombs (image above) shares some lore, Ethyrial and Fractured Online get hacked, and several MMOs are running Black Friday sales.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Another One Bites The Dust

This week, Cinderstone Online (image above) shut down its servers, The Day Before takes another step into the land of the bizarre, and Ilysia entices you with improved graphics on the Quest 3.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Highs And Lows Of Indie Development

This week, Project Gorgon runs out of money, DreamWorld (image above) announces Alpha 2 is coming next year, and The Wagadu Chronicles prepares for Early Access.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Goodbye Gloria Victis, Hello The Day Before

This week, Gloria Victis waves goodbye, The Day Before returns to Steam, and Book of Travels (image above) celebrates two years in Early Access.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Trick or Treat!

Indie MMO Spotlight: So Much Testing is On the Way

This week, Broken Ranks moves ahead with a server merge, Ethyrial (image above) continues making improvements, and Palia has a big announcement.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Fall Is In The Air

This week, fall finds its way into several MMOs (Past Fate image above), Zenith heads to the Quest 3, and Ship of Heroes has a demo

Indie MMO Spotlight: Naval Warfare, Ultimate Legends, and Next Fest Demos

This week, naval warfare is coming to Foxhole, Ultimate Legends terrorize Fractured Online (image above), and much more ahead of Next Fest.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Eternal Tombs Is Real

This week, Fractured Online offers reduced pricing leading up to its Early Access return, Zenith announces a skill rework and Quest 3 plans, and Eternal Tombs shows off a gameplay demo.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Find The Golden Goober Already

This week, The Hunt for the Golden Goober is still underway, Broken Ranks had a kidnapping don't worry, it was staged), and Into the Echo (image above) prepares to expand its lore while another MMO heads to the grave.

Indie MMO Spotlight: A Week Full Of Patches

This week, it takes both hands to count the number of MMOs with patches and updates, Genfanad gives a first look at its TCG infusion (image above), and the Hunt for the Golden Goober is underway.

Indie MMO Spotlight: All Quiet On The Indie Front

With summer nearing its end, this week was pretty quiet overall. Fractured Online (image above) is headed back to Steam Early Access, Starkeepers gets a new name and Alpha info, and Palia releases its OST.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Goodbye Gloria Victis

This week, we prepare to say goodbye to Gloria Victis.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Release Dates and Trailers

This week, Nightingale gets a release date, Eternal Tombs (image above) preps for a gameplay walkthrough, and The Wagadu Chronicles heads to Steam

Indie MMO Spotlight: Let's Get Modular

his week, Anvil Empires (image above) tests out modular housing, Corepunk is ready to begin community testing while Nightingale ads more testers.