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Strategy Session

Welcome to Strategy Session! In this column, we cover all things strategy: from the real-time antics of Total War to turn-based strategical moves of Civilization.We will dive into RTS', turn-based strategy titles, and even some strategy MMOs that might not get the love they deserve.

Strategy Session: Company of Heroes 3's Dynamic Map Is Going To Keep Me Coming Back For More

Company of Heroes 3 aims to be the biggest entry in the series to date, and by the looks of it, Relic Entertainment just might pull it off. We took a look at the upcoming dynamic map campaign, as well as custom matches ahead of next year's release.

Strategy Session: Company of Heroes 3 North African Operation Hands-On Preview

With Company of Heroes 3 coming to Steam this November, Bradford had the chance to flex his RTS muscles as he checked out the North African Operation coming to the historically-based RTS.