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Strategy Session

Welcome to Strategy Session! In this column, we cover all things strategy: from the real-time antics of Total War to turn-based strategical moves of Civilization.We will dive into RTS', turn-based strategy titles, and even some strategy MMOs that might not get the love they deserve.

Strategy Session: Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader Review

Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader is a fantastic turn-based tactical RPG that makes amazing use of its source material while still providing an immense amount of freedom to its players. But how does it hold up in a post-Baldur's Gate 3 world? Here's our review.

A Look at October 2023's Marvel SNAP Bloodstone Season Pass

Every month, Marvel SNAP fans are treated to a new season pass, relevant rewards, and an all-around theme to every nook and cranny of the fantastically addicting mobile trading card game. For October, they had no choice but to keep it spooky with the Bloodstone event.

Total War: Pharaoh Review

Total War: Pharaoh is the latest title from developer Creative Assembly. Set during the Bronze Age collapse, players take on the role of an aspiring Pharaoh or Great King. Kevin has successfully seized power from the other pretenders. Check out the review to see if this road to power is worth it.

The Lamplighters League and the Tower at the End of the World Review

Harebrained Schemes is back with Lamplighters League. How does this turn-based strategy stack up with their past hits?

Preview - Total War: Pharaoh Looks At The World Before The Bronze Age Collapse

Total War: Pharaoh arrives in October, and Creative Assembly invited MMORPG to preview the first 50 turns of the Ramesses campaign. Kevin had the chance to explore some of the features in the upcoming release. Check out his initial thoughts on how it feels to play one of the leaders in Ancient Egypt during the Bronze Age collapse.

PAX West Preview: Long Gone Days: A Sniper's Tale Unveiled

Long Gone Days is a pixel-based, turn-based combat that imagines a world at war. Part sniper sim, part turn-based combat game, Brian had a chance to go hands on at PAX West to check out the upcoming game.

Strategy Session: Total War: Warhammer 3: Shadows of Change DLC Review

Creative Assembly is releasing the new Total War: Warhammer III: Shadows of Change DLC this week. It includes three new legendary lords, several new units, and campaign mechanics. Is it enough to keep players engaged? Check out Kevin's review to learn more.

Homeworld 3's War Games Mode Has Me Finally Excited For Roguelikes

Homeworld 3's upcoming War Games mode brings a roguelike element to the space-faring strategy game. Bradford put the mode to the test in a new multiplayer preview.

Age of Wonders 4 Dragon Dawn Review - Strategy Session

The Age of Wonders IV: Dragon Dawn has arrived. Players can now build their hoard and overcome challenges as a Dragon Ruler. Publisher Paradox Interactive and developer Triumph Studios have implemented this iconic creature from fantasy well. Check out Kevin's review to see if it is enough to warrant the content pack's stand-alone price.

Age of Wonders 4 Review

Age of Wonders IV from Publisher Paradox Interactive and developer Triumph Studios is out on May 2nd. The game has a lot of positives going for it, but it may still need a few more tweaks to make it a great experience. Before setting out as a Wizard-king or mortal Champion, check out Kevin's review of this fantasy 4x strategy game.

GDC 2023: The Lamplighter's League Brings Pulp Adventure Style To The Tactical Combat Genre

What happens if the world is in danger and the best of the best are all unavailable to answer the call? Enter the best of the worst, which take center stage in Harebrained Schemes' latest turn-based tactical strategy game, The Lamplighters League.

Strategy Session: Age of Wonders 4 Preview

Publisher Paradox Interactive and developer Triumph Studios are preparing to unleash Age of Wonders IV in May. As a fan of the Age of Wonders series, Kevin was ready to conquer worlds as a Godir. But he has now had two weeks to play the media build of the game. Read about Kevin's initial impressions of what could be a great fantasy 4x strategy game.

Strategy Session: Company of Heroes 3 Review

Company of Heroes 3 is ambitious, its dual-wielding campaigns aiming to tell a more focused story of the Mediterranean campaigns of World War 2. But how does that ambition measure up, and does Company of Heroes 3 carry on the excellent real-time prestige of the series?

Strategy Session: Company of Heroes 3's Dynamic Map Is Going To Keep Me Coming Back For More

Company of Heroes 3 aims to be the biggest entry in the series to date, and by the looks of it, Relic Entertainment just might pull it off. We took a look at the upcoming dynamic map campaign, as well as custom matches ahead of next year's release.

Strategy Session: Company of Heroes 3 North African Operation Hands-On Preview

With Company of Heroes 3 coming to Steam this November, Bradford had the chance to flex his RTS muscles as he checked out the North African Operation coming to the historically-based RTS.