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Welcome to MMONFT, a new video series that explores all aspects of the cross over between MMORPGs and Blockchain games, especially those that deal in NFTs. Join Steven as he breaks down the games, interviews developers and more.

Blockchain MMOs and The Metaverse Had Setbacks but Are Far from Being Abandoned (For Now) | MMONFT

The metaverse has not been particularly well received, nor has it matured in a positive way that would influence the industry as investors initially expected. Should it be abandoned?

How is No Man's Sky's Player-built Blockchain Economy Working? | MMONFT

No Man's Sky has a community-built blockchain economy. But it's not what you think. Phil takes a deep look into how that community is doing, and whether the player made economy is thriving, or diving.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Has Crypto-Tokens, But That's Not the Worst Part of the Game | MMONFT

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is a cross-play mobile and PC MMORPG that released on May 25th and took a lot of players by surprise with the inclusion of blockchain. Steven finds that blockchain is not the worst part of the game after all.

How Will NFTs Affect End Game in Ember Sword?

In most MMOs, end game consists of a gear treadmill where players continuously pick up new and more powerful gear, but in Ember Sword the most sought-after gear is all on the blockchain and has no competitive advantage. How will players stay invested in Ember Swords end game without a stat-based gear grind?

Does Gameplay Matter in Blockchain Games?

In this episode of MMONFT, we dive into everything game related in Ember Sword with Bright Star Studios founder and Ember Sword executive producer Loren Roosendaal. 

Is Play to Earn Real or is it All Just a Big Gimmick? | MMONFT

Love them or hate them Blockchain Games are headed our way, often touting ways for players to earn hordes of cash, with can't miss opportunities. Steven looks into the validity of these claims in our first episode of MMONFT.