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ESO Adventures

Join Shank as he chronicles his journey in Elder Scrolls Online! Be warned, he's ambitious, but rubbish.

ESO Adventures: Isildur's Baenlin

This week, Shank picks up where he left off in Oblivion as he continued through the Thieves Guild, explored Blackwood, and eliminated a certain Wood Elf in Bruma...

ESO Adventures: I'm Home

With Blackwood on the horizon as the next chapter for Elder Scrolls Online taking us back to Cyrodiil, Shank revisits his favorite game of all time: Oblivion.

ESO Adventures: I Saved Western Skyrim

I saved Western Skyrim, you guys. That's pretty much the headline here on this week's Elder Scrolls Online journal. Of course, a lot more went down during my heroic struggle against the Gray Host. Let's discuss.

ESO Adventures: Back in the Saddle

Shank jumps back into Elder Scrolls Online as he prepares for the Gates of Oblivion adventure.