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MMORPG Columns

The Playlist

In this column we hope to present you with curated lists of games to play, based on a wide array of tastes and gameplay designs.

MMOs for Couples

While the idea of “massive multiplayer” online RPG means that we’re in there with others by design, sometimes it’s nice to just adventure through with a partner-in-crime, just the two blazing a path to glory. With that in mind, we’ll take a look today at five games that that are great fun for two.

MMOs for Explorers

In this new column we’re calling The Playlist, we seek to be your MMO Spotify. We want to curate lists of games for all kinds of player types or interests. To start off, we’re going to focus on the best games out there for all kinds of explorers. If you love getting lost in a world, seeing whatever is over the next mountain, we hope to give you quite a few games to check out.