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Player Versus Player

Every so often (or all the time), there are arguments brewing in the MMO fandom. This column pits two players against each other to face off on either side of a hot topic as they vie for your support.

Should Studios Outsource?

Player Versus Player, MMORPG’s bi-weekly debate in text, is back! This week our writers are talking outsourcing. Selling labor is a reality of the times and is also part and parcel of modern game development. Even though most jobs stay in the U.S, we ask are so many hands in the cookie jar a good thing?

MMOs vs RPGs

Here at MMORPG.com, we cover both MMOs and RPGs, but sometimes, you have to pit the things you love against each other just to see who’s the cream of the crop. This week we bring you the debate long in the making: MMOs versus RPGs!

Does Roleplay Still Matter?

Player Versus Player is MMORPG’s bi-weekly debate column, where MMO fans collide over the issues you care about. This week, we’re talking roleplay. Does it still matter? Why don’t developers do more to support it? Should they even bother? Read our thoughts and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Star Citizen and Revealing Games Too Early

Players Versus Player is MMORPG’s bi-weekly debate column, where two columnists sound off on each side of the issues you care about. This week, Chris and Ryan are hot on the heels of the controversy surrounding Star Citizen. It all comes down to one question: Are games being revealed too early?

Do MMOs Need Grind?

Player Versus Player is MMORPG’s bi-weekly debate column where two writers go head to head to debate the issues you care about. This week, we’re talking about grind. We all hate monotonously killing mobs but is it possible that the end is more important than the means? This week we ask, do MMOs need grind?

Do Conferences Still Matter?

With E3 in our rearview and other conferences just around the bend, players stay perched on the edge of their seats hungry for new information. But for MMO players, trimmings can be fairly light. This week, Chris and Ryan take their podiums to argue one question: do conferences still matter?

Elder Scrolls vs Fallout

Welcome back to Player Versus Player, your bi-weekly debate column where two MMORPG writers go head to head to debate the issues you care about. Hot on the heels of the Fallout 4 announcement, we’re taking up our banners to argue which Bethesda franchise is the best. Is it the irradiated wasteland of Fallout or the Oblivion melding reaches of the Elder Scrolls? Find out in this week’s PVP!

The God Complex

MMOs aren’t what they used to be in both good ways and bad. This week in Player Versus Player, we look at MMO storytelling and how every player is the hero. We call it, “The God Complex” and ask, are we losing the core of MMORPGs because of it?

Is PvP the New Fad?

AAA development is taking a back seat to small teams and niche games, and almost all of the attention-earners have one thing in common: PVP. This isn’t the first time PVP has come to save the MMO world, and we at MMORPG love us some player on player combat.

Is Instancing Bad for MMOs?

Welcome back to another edition of Player Versus Player, the bi-weekly debate column that pits two MMO writers in a battle over the issues you care about. Like you, we at the MMORPG offices have been paying a lot of attention to Skyforge lately. Even though there is an awful lot players are excited about, the amount of instancing has players divided.

Are Mobile MMORPGs Real MMORPGs?

You can trace MMORPGs all the the back to their roots of Pen and Paper RolePlaying Games. They’ve evolved from Pen and Paper to massive digital worlds that we’ve spent countless hours within. They’ve slowly been branching into the mobile world offering stimulating worlds for us to adventure in without being tied to a computer. However, can these mobile versions compare to our immersive, story-driven MMOs that we have today?

Are MMOs Becoming Too Casual?

If you’ve been around the world of MMOs for a while, you’ve probably heard it said: “MMOs are becoming more casual!” Sure, sometimes there’s a qualifier in there, but it’s a chestnut complaint. But is it true? Chris and Ryan sit down for another spirited debate and try to answer the question: Are MMOs Becoming Too Casual?

New Content vs New Systems

Patches are the way of life for MMO players. They come and they go, but until a developer lays out exactly what each patch means to them, there’s no way of telling what’s in store. Some games wait months, like World of Warcraft, before release, while others, like RIFT, come out so quick it makes you wonder what the rest of the industry is doing wrong.

Is P2P Doomed?

Welcome to Player Versus Player, the bi-weekly column that throws two writers in a cage in a battle of faction warfare. We debate the topics nearest and dearest to your heart and then throw it in the comments to you to decide the victor. This week, we cast our gaze to business models and ask whether it’s time for Pay to Play to go the way of the Dodo.

Could B2P Hurt Elder Scrolls Online?

Welcome to Player Versus Player, the column that pits two MMORPG writers against each other in a battle wits, tears, and experience points. Twice a month, we take to our podiums to debate both sides of your most heated arguments. This week, Elder Scrolls Online rocked our newsfeeds with the bombshell that the game would be going buy-to-play before its summer console launch. Our topic: Is this a good thing for the game or the beginning of the end?