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Every week, MMORPG.com brings you a sometimes less than serious countdown related to the MMO genre.

5 Things I like (And 5 I Don't) About The Magic: Legends Open Beta

Mitch has been checking out the Magic: Legends beta for the past few days and has some thoughts. Check out 5 things he likes from the beta, and 5 he doesn't.

The List: The Most Anticipated MMOs of 2019

Another year, another list of the games we hope don’t suck in 2019. MMOs have been waiting what seems forever to get something new, and this year there is no shortage of upcoming games to look forward to. The question is - will any of them actually release in 2019, or will it be another year of waiting for the next big thing?

5 Things We'd Like to See in Diablo 4

Yeah, we know...no official announcement has yet been made about Diablo 4 but we're all 99.999999% sure that the big red bad boy from the long-running series is definitely being primed for a comeback. The biggest question is when Blizzard will finally get around to telling us officially...because they sure missed the boat at BlizzCon, didn't they? At any rate, here are a few things we want to see come the big day when we finally learn that Diablo 4 is on its way.

The MMORPG.com Writers’ Favorite MMOs - Part 3

We've got the third installment in fun new series today. We've asked each of the MMORPG.com writers to submit their favorite three MMOs. Check out which ones have inspired Matt Keith and Mitch Gassner in today's edition.

The MMORPG.com Writers’ Favorite MMOs - Part 2

We've got the second installment in fun new series today. We've asked each of the MMORPG.com writers to submit their favorite three MMOs. Today we have Randy Lidens's and Scott Jeslis's choices. See if you agree!

Five Things We Wish We’d Seen at Gamescom

Gamescom is not quite over yet. It continues all weekend long in a fantastic festival of fun. However, many of the big announcements have been made and we continue to find ourselves wanting. If the game landscape is any indicator, it is that Gamescom did not pack its normal huge punch of information this year. That was reserved for E3. Now, the good news is, we still have a lot to look forward to this fall. Here are some of the things we wish we saw come out of Gamescom.

Gamescom – Top 5 Surprises So Far

Gamescom has become a launching ground for some of the major announcements throughout the year in games. It is Europe’s biggest show and host to thousands of fans. A lot of marketing goes into Gamescom for companies and usually we get a solid list of announcements each year. There have been a few surprises this year and here are some of the things we are very excited came out this week.

Things to Know Before You Start Dragon Quest XI

I’m around 15 hours into what Square Enix has proclaimed is roughly a 70 hour game if you stick to the critical path. So far I’m enjoying it but want to stay clear of spoilers for my initial impressions. So I present to you in no particular order things to know before you start Dragon Quest XI.

The Best MMOs of 2018 So Far

It’s not been a good year for brand spanking new games in the MMORPG realm. Heck, when was the last time it was? But that doesn’t mean the games we already have haven’t been making a strong showing. In fact, some of the most popular games in the world right now are those that have been out for years already. Here is our list of the Best MMOs of 2018 So Far (in no particular order).

5 Reasons Why Dark Age of Camelot is Still the Best PvP Game Ever

Games have evolved, mechanics have been created, and graphics will continue to get better. Game theory remains the same. Dark Age of Camelot was an MMO that sometimes gets overshadowed by Everquest and World of Warcraft. It was made on the East Coast, which for video games is rare. However, it offered a PvP system which has now spread into every aspect of online gaming today. Here are five reasons why this system was the best ever created.

10 Things We Love About Battle Royale Games

Battle Royale has become a game style that captured millions, put them on an island and allowed them to fight it out. Some may call it dangerous, others a problem, but for fans of these games it is just flat out fun. Here are some of the mechanics we love about Battle Royale Games. Whether it is PUBG, H1Z1, or Fortnite, we know what makes for fantastic PvP.

5 Things We Want from Defiance 2050

Trion Worlds shocked the lot of us yesterday by announcing a sequel to Defiance called Defiance 2050. Using the same engine, upgraded and enhanced for modern consoles and PC, Defiance 2050 takes place four years after the original game, and promises enhanced visuals across all platforms, brand new content, new mechanics, new systems, the works. Here then, are our 5 things we want from Defiance 2050 that’ll make it better than the original.

REZZED: The Most Important MMOs Of The First Modern Decade

We're bringing back another blast from the past from our friend Richard Aihoshi. In his column from November 2014, he talked about the "first modern era" of MMOs, namely the seminal games released between 1996-2005. Some of these games are the ones many of us cut our MMO teeth on. It's a fun look back, not only at 2014, but at the ancient days of yore stretching back into the last century. See if his thoughts still hold true today!

5 Things MMOs Can Learn From Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World may be the first time I’ve played and enjoyed a Monster Hunter game. As an online experience, it’s not quite an MMO and yet it does plenty that I think future MMORPGs can learn from. In this list we’ll explore 5 things MMOs can learn from Capcom’s Monster Hunter World.

*Casts REVIVE on 2015* - 5 Big Kickstarter MMOs to Keep an Eye On

We're bringing this List column back from the dead by casting revive. Way back in March 2015, we took a look at the five biggest Kickstarter MMO projects out there. Looking back, we wonder how much has changed in nearly three years for Legends of Aria, Camelot Unchained, Pathfinder Online, Star Citizen and Crowfall.