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Every week, MMORPG.com brings you a sometimes less than serious countdown related to the MMO genre.

10 Best RPGs To Play On Steam Deck

The Steam Deck has been out now for half a year and compiled the 10 best RPGs to check out on Valve's handheld device.

The List: Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy arrived earlier in August and the game has garnered over 10 million downloads in less than two weeks. Developer Hotta Games has done a good job with the gameplay systems but there are also some underlying problems that are holding the game back. Here are a few of the things Kanishka wishes he knew before jumping into Tower of Fantasy.

The Top 10 Guild Wars 2 PVP Classes That You Need to Use

Want to check out PvP in Guild Wars 2 and want to make sure you've got the best build to take it on? Here are ten of the best PvP builds in ArenaNet's MMORPG to try out the next time you charge the battlefield.

Our All-Time Favorite World Of Warcraft Raids

World of Warcraft's endgame is defined by its raids (and transmog!) and some of the hand-crafted experiences that Blizzard has created over the years really stand out. Today, Kanishka takes a look back at my favorite World of Warcraft raids of all time.

Seven MMORPGS You Need To Try That Don't Require A Subscription

A lot of players want to get into MMORPGs but they are apprehensive because of the subscription fees involved in some games. So we're here with seven outstanding MMOs to give a go that don't require a subscription to really enjoy.

The List: MMOs With The Best Character Customization

Every gamer loves to customize their character to make them their own. We break down some of the best MMOs to create the avatar of your wildest dreams.

Top 5 Things We Want To See In Riot Games' Upcoming League of Legends MMO

Riot Games is working on an MMO set in the Runeterra universe, this much is known. Exactly what that title will look like in the end isn't quite as well known. However, that hasn't stopped us from speculating. Here are five things we want to see in the upcoming League of Legends MMO.

10 Co-Op Games To Play When You Have MMO Burnout

While we consider the MMO the pinnacle of social gaming, not everyone wants to jump into one multiple times a week. Here is a list of co-op games you can play that strike a chord with MMO fans dealing with genre fatigue.

VR MMOs To Keep An Eye On In 2022

Looking for a good VR MMO to sink your teeth into? Check out our list of the top VR MMOs to look out for in 2022.

The Best Fantasy-Based MMOs To Play In 2022

With decades worth of fantasy MMORPGs to choose from, finding the right one can be an epic quest in and of itself. To help you begin your journey, here are the 10 healthiest, most robust, and most promising fantasy-based MMORPGs to play in 2022. 

13 Best PvP MMORPGs To Test Your Skill In 2022

MMORPGs with PVP is nothing new, with many MMOs  in the early days of the genre making their bones on hardcore, full-loot player combat. Nowadays PvP is just one aspect of what makes a good MMO, though some take it a bit more seriously than others. Here are 13 MMOs to test your skill against each other this year.

10 Mobile MMORPGs To Dive Into On The Go In 2022

The mobile gaming industry has a bit of a reputation-and sure, games like Candy Crush Saga do exist-but outside of the gacha and match-3 apps there are some pretty robust MMOs that are looking for new players. You might want to scoff at the prospect of a "mobile MMO," but give these games a try; we suspect you'll change your mind.

Best Old School MMORPGs You Can Still Play In 2022

The MMORPG genre has a long history in the games industry, even though many nowadays are only interested in the shiniest and newest titles on the market. From the MUDs in pre-3D MMOs to the browser-based games that helped define the genre, many MMORPGs made their claim in the early days. However, not everyone is still around to check out - at least officially. Here, however, is a list of some of the best old school MMORPGs you can still play in 2022.

Best Console MMORPGs To Play In 2022

MMORPGs have long been the domain of the PC crowd, but with the addition of more PC-like architecture in the last generations of consoles, these experiences have started to trickle back to the living room. Here is a list of some of the best console MMORPGs to plunge into in 2022.

2021 MMO Holiday Round Up

The stockings are hung, the presents are wrapped, and the fruitcake is sitting untouched. With all of the holiday chores done, all that's left now is to log into your favorite MMO and scoop up all of the holiday loot. Don't have a favorite MMO? We've compiled a list of 50 MMO holiday events for you to choose from. If your MMO of choice isn't on the list, be sure to let us know in the comments below so everyone can join in on the holiday fun.