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Matt Miller

In this bi-weekly column, Matt "Formerly Known as Positron" Miller of City of Heroes fame seeks to clue MMO gamers in on the minds of developers, their decisions, and what it's like to craft these massive games.

Mechanics of the Armies of Myth

HEX: Shards of Fate. By now you’ve probably read tons of articles on the game. You know the gist. It’s a Digital TCG, in the same vein as Magic: the Gathering, only radically different once you get under the hood. Being digital brings a whole new level of things they can do with the simple card game mechanics. Things that would be incredibly difficult, if not downright impossible, to do for a traditional, in-person, card game.

Why Do Players Leave MMOs?

It happens to all of us, it’s probably happened to you. No MMO is immune to it, but some do it better than others. There comes a point when a player stops playing the game, they log off one day and simply never log back in. The fact remains that they have stopped playing the game for whatever reason, and that reason is something that the game developers would LOVE to know.

MMOs - A One Stop Shop for Your Imagination

All video games are fantastic outlets for feeding escapist desires. They allow us to visit different worlds, become different characters, and partake in epic tales of adventure. One thing that most video games lack is the ability to mold and craft and personalize the experience. This is where MMOs really separate themselves from the herd. MMOs allow users to create as well as consume.

My Year in Review

As 2013 winds to a close, we often take a few moments to review the events of the preceding days. Matt Miller takes a look back at his 2013. See how his year fared and then leave us thoughts on your year in the comments.

Player Behavior & Fluid Dynamics

Action for reward is a stock-in-trade with all MMOs. Players want to be rewarded for their time spent but it's a conundrum for developers. See how the issue is viewed and addressed in Matt Miller's latest column.

The Directed Experience

Tabletop gamers will understand what we mean when we say "directed experience" by fondly remembering their favorite Dungeon Masters of yore. In today's column, Mark Miller talks about how MMOs of today could benefit from a more directed experience for players. Find out what else he thinks on the topic and then leave your ideas in the comments.

Designing for the Theme

Story. Lore. Theme. All of these are critical components to any MMO, and features that make the games we play somehow seem more "real" when tied in with mechanics. In his latest column, Matt Miller talks about this and much more. Read on before heading to the comments.


In his latest column, industry veteran Matt Miller takes a look at the notion of charitable action and giving as it relates to gamers and gaming. See what he has to say and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

What Makes Me Monetize

Monetization in today's era of the free to play MMO is always a hot topic. In his latest column, Matt Miller takes a look at what he believes makes sense for moetization. See what he thinks before adding your own ideas to the comments.

Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial 'intelligence' is that which moves the enemies we fight. Some players want more intelligent AI, some not so much. In his latest column, Matt Miller takes a look at AI and the arguments presented by both sides. Read on and then leave your AI thoughts in the comments.

My Time with Hearthstone

Hearthstone is Blizzard's latest addition to its stable of games, a trading-card game to boot. In his latest column, Matt Miller talks about his experiences in Hearthstone. See what he's got to say to see if you agree and then head to the comments to chat.

How I Roll

It's a rare treat to get a peek inside the gaming world of some of the genre's best minds. In our latest Matt Miller column, he tells us about his rig and much more. Check out "How I Roll" and then leave your thoughts in the comments.


Anticipation is something that drives most of us to buy the games we play. In his latest column, industry insider, Matt Miller, takes a look at the phenomenon both from the positive and not-so-hot sides. See what you think and then head to the comments to chat.


Creating "alts" or "twinks" or additional characters in any MMO is a ton of fun. In his latest column, Matt Miller takes a look at the notion of alts and offers some great insight. Read on before heading to the comments.

The Return

Everyone's done it: Played a game to death and then moved on only to come back at a later date. In his latest piece, MMORPG.com columnist Matt Miller talks about "The Return" of the prodigal player. See what he's got to say before heading to the comments to tell of your "return" stories.