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Very Scary

In this "whenever he wants to" column, blogger and humorist Scary Booster will delight us all with nuggets from his tormented psyche.

Donning My Alliance Uniform

It's been a long while since Scary Booster has forgotten the basic necessities of life like showers and, oh, food. But with last week's release of Mists of Pandaria, well, it's happened again. Read on to see what Scary thinks before adding your own ideas in the comments.

The Age of Boredom

A lot of hyped MMOs have been released in the past year with a few more yet to come. Yet some, if not all, of them have been huge disappointments to some of their fans. In an increasingly crowded market, what is there to be excited about asks our own Scary Booster. See what Scary's got to say and then shine a ray of hope in the comments.


Not everyone is cut out for the glamor and magic that PAX Prime embodies and some even have come up with lists why they are glad they didn't have to attend...like Scary Booster. See why Scary feels this way and then leave your thoughts in the comments.

August 28th = Everything

If you've been checking on big releases for some of your favorite MMOs, you've already noticed that August 28th is a banner day. Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft and The Secret World, to name a few, all have big plans for the 28th. In the latest Very Scary column, we take a look at that day and what it all means. Read on!

A Nightmare in The Secret World!

We aren't the first ones to think that there are parts of The Secret World that are just downright scary. In today's Very Scary, we explore that notion. See what you think and then talk about it in the comments!

The Secret Paranoia

Today marks the debut of a brand new column here at MMORPG.com. Penned by our own 'Scary Booster', today's column takes a look at The Secret World specifically and the whole zombie phenomenon in general. Check it out!