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No Elves Allowed

In this bi-weekly column, Cassandra Khaw will be taking us into world on non-fantasy MMOs, Indie, Triple-A, and otherwise to prove that innovation comes in all shapes and sizes.

From MUD to MMO

If you know what a MUD is, you're one of an increasingly small number of people who do. Maybe you remember your first MUD and wonder why it hasn't made the jump to a full-fledged MMO. Read our latest No Elves Allowed column for more thoughts about MUDs, MMOs and more.

Four Worlds Ripe for MMO Treatment

In today's No Elves Allowed, we spend time speculating about one of the big questions of life, "What if...?" What if your favorite franchise was an MMO? We've got several examples that should set your brain on fire so keep reading!

MMO Growing Pains

One of the thing that many of us realize is that the MMO-genre is a bit stale. Why is that when, at least according to our latest No Elves Allowed column, "the sky should have been the limit"? Find out and then let us know what you think!

An Exclusive Salem Interview

Salem has a lot of appeal for people as a game that brings back "the good old days" of MMOs with features like permadeath and more. We had the opportunity to chat with Creative Director Björn Johannessen about Salem. Keep reading and let us know what you think in the comments.

Who Fears Perma-Death?

In today's No Elves Allowed column, we take a look at the ever-controversial idea of permadeath. Death in MMOs is not very, well, death-like and it appears to be getting less and less inconvenient by the game. But what about permadeath or at least a painful death? Would you do it? Read what we think and then let the discussion begin in the comments.

The No Elves Manifesto

With our brand new column here at MMORPG.com, we are reaching out to those of you who are sick and tired of the traditional high fantasy MMO. Judging by a recent study, that means we're talking to a lot of you. Check out "No Elves Allowed" to find out what exactly we're talking about here. Leave us a few of your own thoughts in the comments.