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MMORPG Columns

A Vampire MMO

Vampires are the one genre that seems to draw as many women as men. Might it be the secret to getting more women into an MMO?

Let Games Grow

Would you support an MMO that started small, but strongly and then grew over time? With a few attitude adjustments from fans, media and developers, maybe this could be possible.

Stop The Hype Train

MMOs announce too early and it's become a problem. In this week's column, Dana Massey looks at the harm that comes from this and makes an argument that MMOs should only be announced about a year before launch.

The Elusive MMORTS

Like the Yetti and the Loch Ness Monster, a great MMORTS is hard to find. This week, Dana returns to look at an approach that might actually finally bring one into the mainstream.


It's become a dirty word to some, but is instancing in MMOs really the boogieman it's been made out to be?

Why Not A Survival MMO?

In this column this week, our own Dana Massey looks at the survival genre and asks... Why Not A Survival MMO?

Build A Proper Sandbox MMO?

In his weekly column, Dana Massey looks at the nostalgia people feel for classic sandbox MMOs and talks about ways that developers could truly re-capture their popularity.

Subscription Fee Creativity

Dana looks at how companies can get creative with subscription fees to help them become a more viable long term way of paying for MMOs.

A Non-Violent Mystery MMO

The mystery game market has dried up. Dana looks at how MMOs could save the non-violent game market.

Regional Segregation

Lots of games force people to play based on where they live. Why is this and what can be done to eliminate it?

The Myth of RP Servers

Every game has them, no one truly uses them. This week, Dana explores the myth of role-playing servers in MMOs.

Accessible Subscription MMOs

F2P MMOs are all the rage, subs have fallen on tough times. Dana thinks he knows why and it has nothing to do with how people pay for them.

A Comedy MMO

It's time for a full on comedy MMO, aimed at people over the age of 12. Dana Massey explains why it would work.

Build Better Social Bonds in MMOs

EVE grows while other games shrink. Why? It's all about social bonds.

MMO Litmus Test

More thoughts on making the MMO journey fun and a test that pins down what is wrong with the current crop.