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Jess Lebow's MMO Story Hour

Jess Lebow is a veteran story teller, game writer, and novelist. He’s been in the game industry for over 10 years, working on titles ranging from Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons to Guild Wars and Pirates of the Burning Sea.

Top 5 Exciting Things From E3

Jess was at E3 and in this week's column, he runs down the five things that got him the most excited.

E3, All Grown Up

This week, Jess Lebow tells some tales of E3s past, on the eve of the big event.

Good Teeth & Korean Storytelling

During the development of Guild Wars, Lebow recounts this tale of an odd encounter.

Got Game... Demo?

Insider story of one high stakes demo trip. Lebow recounts his experiences during a whirlwind press tour through Manhattan.

Design By Bug

A behind the scenes look at how most MMOs are really put together.

What's in a Name?

Former Wizards of the Coast and Guild Wars writer kicks off his Wednesday column.