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Angela Webb: In Her Opinion

MMORPG.com's Angela Webb has been given the task to write about her own self described "girly" take on gaming.

PAX Prime 2010

MMORPG.com's Angie Webb recently had the opportunity to attend PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington. In today's article, Angie talks about PAX Prime and her impressions of several games as well as some general thoughts about PAX Prime and about the convention season. Check it out and then jump into the conversation on our forums.

Creativity. Where is it?

In Her Opinion, Angie Webb thinks that creativity is a bit lacking in some of today's MMOs. Angie goes through the creative process and discusses ways to make MMOs more interesting and original. For instance: If you're designing new monsters, take a trip to the zoo. See what else Angie recommends to give today's MMOs a fresh creative look.

Women in the Industry

After interest in 'behind the scenes' activities in game development was kindled by one of Angie Webb's recent columns, she made the decision to give readers more insight. Over the next few columns, Angie will be featuring prominent women in game development and about the industry in which they work. Check out Angie's latest, a chat with Camille Chu (animator), Georgia Nelson (software engineer), and Rebecca Orozco (producer).

Keeping Our Gamers Healthy

In this week's column, MMORPG.com's Angie Webb takes on the issue of gamer health. Angie looks at the symptoms...and the solutions...to the sometimes problematic issue of loving our games and remembering the larger world too. See if you are a healthy gamer.

LARP & Player Generated Content

In this week's column, MMORPG.com writer Angie Webb tackles LARP, or Live Action Role Playing and the tie-in with MMOs. Angie calls "LARPers" the "geekiest of the geeks in the gamer world". She's got some fascinating thoughts about LARP, MMOs and player generated content. Check it out!


Angela Webb has an inside look at Quality Assurance for Warhammer Online. As she says, "It's a lot of fun, but don't get confused, it's a lot of work." Find out everything you ever wanted to know about the heroes behind the scenes in this terrific inside look.