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MMORPG Columns

The Eorzea Prospect

In this weekly column, Jatobi takes a look at the world of FFXIV and the many things going on in the endless adventure.

Patch 3.2 Brings the Fun Back

Victor takes a quick look at some of the new things FFXIV's Patch 3.2 brings that make it worth playing.

'The Gears  of Change' is Coming!

Victor gives a brief overview of what’s coming when The Gears of Change rolls around.

On Two Different Kinds of Content Grind

Victor compares two games with differing attractiveness when it comes to content grinds: FFXIV and Warframe.

What to Expect from FFXIV in 2016

Naoki Yoshida’s greetings for the new year brought some cheer, as well as some mystery, to Final Fantasy XIV fans everywhere. Read on to find out what's in store for FFXIV in 2016.

Fantastic Gifts for Final Fantasy Fans

Looking for a gift to give a Final Fantasy fan? Look no further than this humble gift guide.

The Problematic Diadem

Are exploration missions in FFXIV fun? Or is the fun being optimized out of the experience? Let’s take a look.

FFXIV Patch 3.1 and FFXI’s Final Fantasy

Victor discusses the Final Fantasy XI’s last formal story content update and the FFXIV 3.1 Patch and its fun activities!

Telling Us What's Next

Everything this week is meant to ramp up the hype for specific gameplay aspects of Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.1. Over the past two weeks, Square Enix has been teasing screenshots and a little lore regarding what we should expect in As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness.

A Leveling Experiment and Other Tidbits

Changes are coming to the Eorzea Reborn column. Learn about this little experiment and Victor’s plans for FFXIV moving forward!

As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness

Naoki Yoshida dishes out info on Exploratory Missions and the Lord of Verminion minigame for FFXIV Patch 3.1 As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness!

5 Things We Learned from the Eorzean Census

A few days back, Square Enix released slides for the Eorzean Census on the following Lodestone post. I had quite a bit of fun just looking over each bit of information, figuring out WHY certain things were the way they are. While I don’t really have any answers for that, I thought it might be nice to discuss my 5 favorite takeaways from the Eorzean Census.

FFXIV From the Eyes of a Game Hopper

Victor looks at FFXIV from the lens of comparison after playing through three other games.

Plans Past 3.0

Victor outlines what Square Enix has planned for FFXIV players beyond 3.0 based on their recent anniversary livestream event.

A lot of Celebration, a bit of Metal

Victor discusses the two celebrations that are occurring for Final Fantasy XIV this month, as well as showing off a new music video from Square Enix.

Square Enix Financials

Victor takes a look at the FFXIV mentions in Square Enix’s financials!