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In this bi-weekly column we tally up the news from around the almost-MMO-verse and offer our thoughts on the ins and outs of the titles that are big, but maybe not quite "Massive".

Not So MMO: Darksburg Devs - 'We're Making a Game We Want to Play'

Darksburg is an upcoming co-op survival action title from Shiro Games, developers of the highly regarded Northgard strategy game. Taking a break from strategy, Darksburg pits teams of four against hordes of “infected” that threaten to overwhelm the town. We had the chance to speak with Lead Designer Fred Oughdentz to learn more about the game.

Not So MMO: Eden Rising Review

It’s not our fault that there is a peculiar alien AI waiting to coerce you into servitude and set you against the nearly insurmountable obstacle of an entire alien planet’s natural denizens. Don’t despair! Your friends can come, too! And, of course, the views are lovely this time of year. Don’t let the “anti-establishment” rhetoric worry you, this game has a lot to offer. This is our review of Nvizzio Creations and Meridian4’s open world, multiplayer, tower defense hybrid, Eden Rising.

It Lurks Below Review - A Cool Mashup of Genres

It Lurks Below is an indie action RPG survival game created by David Brevik. Combining a Starbound/Terraria based game with the likes of Diablo in a mashup that brings a new twist on an old idea. Which makes sense considering David Brevik worked on the Diablo series back when it was still being developed by Blizzard North.

Rocket Arena Preview - Welcome to Crater

What would you say to a frantic, high-intensity arena battle, but with rockets? If your answer is an emphatic “yes”, then you may be biasedly drawn to Rocket Arena, a new co-op arena battler by Nexon. With arena shooters hitting the scene at roughly a dime a dozen, does Nexon have the right formula to rocket their shooter to the forefront of your playlist, or is this just another shooter, not ready for liftoff?

Satisfactory: With Kids!

Red Thomas continues his search for the ultimate family-friendly experience with Satisfactory. Red might have “borrowed” a nephew from his sister for a few days in order to write this article. He may or may not have neglected to get permission first. Read on to discover if it was worth it or not.

Eco: Getting Educated

Red Thomas interviews John Krajewski from Strange Loop Games, the studio behind Eco. They talk about how the game came about, early funding, and some of the ideas the team has for future growth.

Not So MMO - TechWars: Global Conflict Review

In recent years, the video game market has been flooded with battle arenas of all shapes and sizes. Not all are successful, but sometimes the attempts are merely doorways into something that could be, given the company has the foresight and resources to see it and implement it. In Techwars: Global Conflict, developer Argus Games and publisher Black Sun Game Publishing attempt to bring isometric, team-based mech warfare into the mix. This is our review.

Not So MMO: The Cycle is Mixing up the Battle Royale Genre

If you haven’t heard of The Cycle before you’re not alone: neither had I, until late last night anyway. Marketed as a PvEvP Competitive Quest Shooter, The Cycle is most definitely a Battle Royale type game at heart. Where it differs is that the game focuses you on “Quests” throughout the gameplay instead of simply killing your opponents.

Bowman's Battle Royale Corner - notmycar First Impressions

You are waiting for the alert. The anticipation is killing you. Will you find equipment to defeat your enemies or will you just fail? There is no time to worry about that now. The alarm klaxon blares loudly, and you see red lights flashing. You drop, in your car, out of the back of the cargo plane and wait for your drone engines to light up. You fly smoothly to the ground as you start looking for your weapons and armor. This is our written and recorded first impressions of notmycar.

Not So MMO - Eco: By Our Powers Combined

Red Thomas dives in Eco, a game developed originally as an educational tool and now an Early Access title on Steam. Can a surprisingly interesting game with new ideas create new buoyancy for the Survival genre?

Not So MMO: Generation Zero Review

Have you ever felt so strongly about a decade or so in history that you wish an army of robots would come and just wipe the whole mess away? Maybe the ‘80s? Avalanche Publishing bravely steps up to the task, making a valiant effort of doing just that with Generation Zero. This is our review.

Not So MMO: Trident's Wake Hands-on Preview

This week, top-down co-op shooter Trident's Wake hit Steam Early Access hoping to capture the imaginations of sci-fi action game fans everywhere. Created by Argentinian development company Bacus Studios, the game lets players jump into advanced combat mechs and join the fight to defend humanity's last hope of survival. We had some hands-on time with the game earlier this month and from what we've seen so far, Trident's Wake is shaping up to be the kind of action game shooter fans live for.

Not So MMO: Jump Force – The Fighter We Deserve?

From Bandai Namco comes Jump Force, and it comes at the perfect time of the year for those of us who are trying to find that game to spend hours on. The game we saw teased at E3 2018 has finally made it live. I remember watching the trailer and thinking to myself, “wow, a game with Goku and all of these other anime characters that I can play as. This is awesome.” My feelings have not changed.

Far Cry: New Dawn Review - Renewing Hope

Far Cry: New Dawn is the first direct sequel to a Far Cry title. How does New Dawn serve the franchise? Can it stand on its own or would it have been better to leave the story in a pile of nuclear ash where Far Cry 5 left off? Let’s find out.

Not So MMO: Yakuza Kiwami PC Review

Sega has brought the next chapter in the Yakuza series to PC with the remake of the first Yakuza game in Yakuza Kiwami. Although chronologically Yakuza Zero happens before this, the first game came out before it on PlayStation 2 in 2006. Kiwami means Extreme, and that is what Sega tries to bring its fans with retelling Yakuza. Does it succeed on PC? This is our Yakuza Kiwami PC review.