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The Eorzea Prospect

In this weekly column, Jatobi takes a look at the world of FFXIV and the many things going on in the endless adventure.

The Eorzea Prospect: A Look At The Community

I’ve played many MMORPG’s in my life, I’d venture to say most of them honestly, and I can truly say FFXIV has the best community bar none. But what makes it the best?

The Eorzea Prospect: Nostalgia Train (Spoilers!)

Just two weeks after launch of Shadowbringers we have our first content patch, and man was it awesome! Welcome aboard the Nostalgia train, buckle up and prepare for spoilers!

The Eorzea Prospect: Is Final Fantasy XIV a WoW Clone?

The term WoW clone gets thrown around a lot, but does it mean what people think it means, or are they using it as a derogatory comment? Not only have I’ve seen it the past few weeks in the comments of this very column, I see it from my friends as well, and frankly it’s sad. Comments aside, at least we only have Six days left until Head Start!!

Final Fantasy XIV: New Player Struggles

More and more recently I’ve seen posts from both new and prospective players asking similar questions; what makes the game so great? How long does it take? Is this game for me? To be completely honest, the answers are quite subjective to each person.

Final Fantasy XIV: New Information, Shadowbringers Benchmark, and Pre-Expansion Events!

With just 33 days left until the launch of Shadowbringers, Square Enix has ramped up it’s hype train with a bunch of press events and videos showcasing the upcoming expansion and changes they have planned. It’s not even Summer, yet the things are heating up at a rapid pace in preparation for the looming expansion, the question is, however, are you ready?

Final Fantasy XIV: Mounts & the Letter from the Producer

Over the past week I have been busy working on my questline with Noctis, as well as farming MGP at the Gold Saucer to get the 200k MGP Regalia. Note that prior to this event I have truly never bothered with the Gold Saucer, I had my work cut out for me. Granted it wasn’t exactly hard to amass 200k MGP with the easy Fashion Report’s the last couple weeks but having to learn all the mechanics for Lord of Vermillion and Triple Triad was unique to say the least.

Final Fantasy XIV: My Time with Noctis & Epic News!

Things are heating up for me, and it’s not just the summer weather causing it! I’ve kept myself busy with a couple things, notably Snake EX, (Big shout out to my guild, pandemonium for allowing me to learn this fight!!!), and the FFXV crossover event. The real meat and potatoes of this week comes at the end of the writeup, so stick around until the end, it’s EPIC!

Final Fantasy XIV: New Events, Free Game Time!

Hello again my awesome gamer friends, and welcome back to another edition of The Eorzea Prospect! I hope everything has been good with you over the past week, and the game is still holding your attention in these last couple of lag months! Only 79 more days until early access starts for Shadowbringers… HYPE!

The Eorzea Prospect: Juicy Details from Final Fantasy XIV Tokyo Fanfest

Welcome back to another edition of The Eorzea Prospect! Last time we looked at the current state of the game, along with some questions that needed an answer from Tokyo Fan Fest. That time has come and gone, we’ve gained some insight on some things, while still speculate on others. Today we’ll touch shortly on gearing up for the expansion, and at the end get into the juicy details that were released at Tokyo Fan Fest over the weekend!

A Look at Final Fantasy XIV

Welcome to my biweekly Final Fantasy XIV column! I think it’s been a while since we’ve had one of these for FFXIV. With a massive influx of new and returning players alike gearing up for the next expansion, Shadowbringers, it’s never been a better time. There’s an enormous amount of content coming soon for us to delve through, I hope you’ll join us on the adventure as we dive head first into all of it!

Going Underground - This Month's Palace of the Dead Update is a Gem

Another month, another FFXIV patch: 3.45 brings gifts including a new season of ranked PvP and the next part of the relic weapon quest chain. But the most significant addition is the update to Palace of the Dead, the “deep dungeon” that debuted a couple of patches ago. Previously limited to 50 floors, it now goes on for a whopping 200. But where exactly are we headed? “Hellsward,” the unlock screen declares, playing with the title of the last expansion.

Wish List - Fun FFXIV Addons!

Victor’s lists what addons he’d like to see in FFXIV if they ever decide to go ahead with addon support.

Endless dungeons & Content Deprecation

Victor talks about a new feature coming in Patch 3.35, as well as his fears for it.

No MMO can Please Everyone

Victor believes that no MMO, not even FFXIV, can please everyone all of the time. Do you agree?

What to Expect in Patch 3.25 and Beyond

The Latest Letter to the Producer Live was a trove of information for feature updates in the coming patches. Let’s have a look!