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Every week, MMORPG.com brings you a sometimes less than serious countdown related to the MMO genre.

The Best Online Games of E3 2017

I’m not often impressed with E3, but this year’s show was pretty damn good. There were welcome surprises through the course of the event, from the return of beloved IPs to entirely new reveals. More interestingly, though, there was a pretty sizeable presence for online games. Not quite MMOs, but as close as we can get these days.

Five Reasons Why MMOs Are Making a Comeback

Many game industry people continue to talk about how MMOs have come and gone. However, we continue to see major events which point to the opposite. Players are seeking more online experiences through console and mobile gameplay. As many in the industry predicted early on, eventually every game will move into the online space. Sure, plenty of RPGs or fighting games might keep off the intrawebs, but as trends continue, there will be plenty of MMOs coming over the next few years.

Five Neat Things Coming in World of Warcraft 7.2.5

World of Warcraft: Legion has a big new patch coming in the middle of June with 7.2.5. There are a lot of things to look forward to for what Blizzard considers a “smaller” patch. Most notably, players will finally get to take the fight to Kil’jaeden when the Tomb of Sargeras opens in 7.2.5 as well as take part in Black Temple time walking.

Five Things MMO Fans Need to Get Over

I’ll start right off - this list is going to ruffle feathers. But also, if you actually read this far before getting angry with me, note - I am guilty of each of these five things myself. The MMO Genre is in the middle of the awkward teenage years (even if it’s closer to drinking age). At this time in our favorite pastime’s life, it’s natural to be brazen d*ckheads bicking with anyone and everyone about every little thing we think is important or righteous.

The Top 5 Expectations For Destiny 2

After rumors and hints around the game industry, we finally saw a post yesterday with some artwork. It seems like it is no secret that Destiny 2 is coming and people should be excited. Destiny was an amazing game and now Bungie is building up the blocks for a sequel to bring players more opportunities across the solar system.

5 MMO Facets Found in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Today we wanted to talk about what MMO elements are in Breath of the Wild that really add to the experience. If you are an MMO player, but do not play Zelda, we think you will find some key elements in this list that set the game apart.

Horizon: Zero Dawn - Five Things You Should Know

Horizon Zero Dawn released earlier this week and it’s so good that I don’t even care that we get a new Zelda in the same week. Well, almost, I mean it’s Zelda. But in the end I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it’s these two games knocking at each other for Game of the Year Honors come December. That said here are 5 things you should know about HZD. Some of them you may know already. Others I didn’t know until I was a few hours in.

Five Things to Look for at GDC 2017

For those of you in the game industry, GDC or Game Developers Conference in San Francisco marks a yearly crusade for new developers, highlighted speeches, and business meetings. If you are breaking into the industry, it is a great place to make connections. If you are an accomplished developer, perhaps it is your chance to give back and advise some of the younger generation on design.

Ashes of Creation – Top 5 Mechanics

Today we break down our top five mechanics for the upcoming MMO Ashes of Creation. The game is looking more and more solid every day. With videos and features now hitting the fans, it seems there is a lot to look forward too. Here are our Top 5 mechanics to keep an eye on as Intrepid Studios continues development.

Top 5 Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Features We’re Really Excited About

Over the past months we have closely been following Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Brad McQuaid has done a fantastic job of roping in old school MMO mechanics with a new twist and an exciting world for players. Pantheon heralds back to Brad’s success with Everquest, but it also break ground into a new future for MMORPGs.

Five Expectations for Torment: Tides of Numenera

There has been a lot of talk in the media lately about Tides of Numenera, the latest RPG that is coming out from InXile. It is important because InXile was able to Kickstart the game and has now built a solid product we can all look forward to. It seems like crowd funding is the only way these types of games are being made any more. However, with Torment being on everyone’s mind, maybe publishers will start to turn their eyes on the RPG genre again.

Five Great ARPGs for Busy People

I was talking to @BillMurphy earlier today about what he’s been playing lately and we got started talking about action RPGs and how great they are for busy parents, extrapolating into how fantastic they are for anyone with limited time to play. MMOs, while magnificent and are our passion, tend to demand more time to feel as if progress has been made, hence the easy joy that comes out of ARPGs.

The Top 5 Ways to Drain the Game Swamp

No one likes politics these days. However, video games have a huge swamp of their own to deal with. It is the one that has been created over time by too much hype and oversold knock offs. That’s right, too many games chase the money of creative titles and try to duplicate their success. We lived through it as MMO players. You also saw that template used in MOBAs which are now coming into their twilight years. The times have changed and it is now innovation that will rule out once again.

Rob’s Top 3 Upcoming Games

It’s that time of the year again for everyone to make forward looking statements. Rob weighs in with the top 3 games he is looking forward to in 2017.

The Events That Shaped 2016

Let’s take a look back at the year that was. A rough year for many, especially MMOs. Still, the game industry continues to move forward and games remain a multi-billion dollar industry. MMOs still make tremendous amounts of money, now through cash shops and in game purchases, it seems like the full formula of a successful community has finally come into being.