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Pokket Says

In her new weekly column, our own Hillary "Pokket" Nicole muses on the gaming industry, news, views, and occasionally gets creative with a little narrative. Dig it!

Much Ado About Gaming

We've got a brand new column by a gamer for gamers written by our own quite popular Pokket. In this first edition, Pokket tells us a tale of her younger self. She's got a lot of things to say in her inaugural column so keep reading!

Amnesia - The Water Monster

This week Pokket takes a break from your traditional game to go back and play Amnesia. Being a fan of scary movies, she found this game enjoyable and the plot interesting... however, her encounters with the water monster (the Kaernk) are not ones to forget. Check out Game Face: Amnesia - The Water Monster.

Game Face: Most Surprising Games of PAX East

In her latest video for MMORPG.com, Pokket discusses what she found as the most surprising games at PAX East 2012. See what you think and then weigh in on the comments.

Game Face: Sage & Sorc Healers

In this episode Pokket discusses the changes to Sage and Sorc healing in SWTOR's Patch 1.2 and how it'll affect PvE, as well as predictions for how it'll affect PvP. Check out Game Face: Sage & Sorc Healers.

Having a Blast with Ziggs

This week Pokket tries something new and a bit different. Instead of having a guide or review, she's showing gameplay of one of her (currently) favorite champs in League of Legends. Check out Game Face: Having a Blast with Ziggs and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Novare Coast Preview and Guide

This is Pokket's first impressions of Star Wars: The Old Republic's new warzone called Novare Coast. In addition to offering her first impressions, Pokket also provides a guide and explains the layout, some early strategies, and the objective of the match. Check out Game Face: 1st Impressions & Guide to Novare Coast Warzone.

SWTOR Guild Summit Impressions & Patch 1.2

This week Pokket waxes philosophic about the recent Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild Summit and gives her impressions of the big changes coming with the v1.2 patch that is set to arrive in the near future. Check out Game Face: Guild Summit Impressions & Patch 1.2.

Guide to Solving the Ancient Pylons

The Ancient Pylons found in Star Wars: The Old Republic's Nightmare Eternity Vault may have given Pokket and her Ops group a headache, but they were able to solve the mystery using the strategies found in this video. Check out Game Face: Guide to Solving the Ancient Pylons in SWTOR.

Defeating Gharj in the Nightmare Eternity Vault

This week Pokket and her guild share how to defeat the second boss in Star Wars: The Old Republic - Nightmare Eternity Vault named Gharj. Watch as she gives tips and tricks to downing this boss with little to no trouble.

Pokket's TERA Beta Impressions

This Game Face covers Pokket's first impressions of the Tera Beta. The beta covered levels 1-22. In this latest Game Face video, Pokket plays an Elin Warrior and shares her initial thoughts on the environment, combat, questions, and more! Check out Game Face: Pokket's TERA Beta Impressions.

Taking On Eternity Vault's Droid XRR-3

Pokket has produced her latest "how-to" guide for Star Wars: The Old Republic. This time she turns her eye on nightmare Eternity Vault and how to beat the ever livin' snot out of Droid XRR-3, the first boss. See what she's got to say in Pokket's Guide to SWTOR: Nightmare Eternity Vault Annihilation Droid XRR-3.

Pokket's Tips & Tricks for Winning on Alderaan

Pokket gives her latest and greatest advice for winning on Alderaan in Game Face: Tips & Tricks to Winning Alderaan. See what you think!

Guide to SWTOR: Hardmode Kaon Under Siege Flashpoint

Pokket gives us all the run down on the Hardmode Kaon Under Siege Flashpoint and how to survive the nightmarish place. Check out Game Face: Pokket's Guide to SWTOR: Hardmode Kaon Under Siege Flashpoint and then let us know what you think in the comments.

SWTOR Endgame Review

In today's Game Face, Pokket takes a look at Star Wars: The Old Republic and offers her review of the game at level 50. How does SWTOR hold up at the highest levels? Find out in Game Face #20: SWTOR Level 50 Review.

Pokket's Guide to the Voidstar

In the latest episode of Game Face, MMORPG.com's Pokket takes a look at The Voidstar, one of the warzones in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Pokket gives her thoughts on the best strategies and layouts for winning the epic battle. Come back every Thursday for more MMO goodness from Pokket. Check out Game Face #19: Pokket's Guide to the Voidstar.