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Matt Miller

In this bi-weekly column, Matt "Formerly Known as Positron" Miller of City of Heroes fame seeks to clue MMO gamers in on the minds of developers, their decisions, and what it's like to craft these massive games.


Everyone was, at one time or another, a newbie in their chosen MMO. How those newbs are treated can literally make or break a game. In his latest column, Matt Miller takes on the issue of Newbies and much more. Read on and then share some of your newbie experiences in the comments.

A Death in the Family

Death is never more than a whisper away. We who are gamers and who make connections around the globe are only now beginning to come to terms with the impact of real-world deaths of some of our internet friends. In his latest column, Matt Miller talks about the death of a City of Heroes friend.


In his latest column for MMORPG.com, industry insider Matt Miller takes a look at the latest fad in game development: Crowdfunding. See what Matt thinks before heading to the comments to add your voice to the conversation.


Most games these days don't have a long time to make a "first impression" on a player. Tutorials, while perhaps never revisited, are important to draw in potential customers. In his latest column, Matt Miller takes a look at the tutorial from all sides. Read on!


There is no question that leveling in an MMO is one of the main features of any game. In his latest column, Matt Miller talks about levels and leveling and much more. See what Matt has to say before launching into the comments to continue the discussion.

Becoming a Designer - Part Two

In the second part of Becoming a Designer, Matt Miller talks more about what aspiring developers need to do to make their dreams come true. Read on and then offer your ideas in the comments.

Becoming a Designer - Part One

If you've ever wanted to or entertained the thought about becoming a game designer, look no further than our exclusive series of articles by Matt Miller. In the first of a two part series of "how to", Matt discusses some of the things that potential designers need to take into consideration. Read on and then head to the comments!


The elusive end game is what many MMO players are looking for in order to keep playing the same game for long months on end. In today's column, Matt Miller offers his thoughts on the end game. See what this industry veteran has to say before joining the conversation in the comments.

The Grind

One of the things that players love to hate or hate to love is the MMO grind. In his latest column, Matt Miller takes on the subject of grind and offers his unique perspective. See what he's got to say before heading to the comments to discuss.

Prioritizing Bugs

Every beta tester should love to help the development team squash bugs. When the next patch comes, they eagerly look to see if theirs made the cut. In today's column, Matt Miller explains the prioritization process for bug squashing. See what you think before heading to the comments to chat.

Give It a Read!

One of the thing that often is overlooked by many MMO players is the overall story told through questing and interactivity with NPCs. In Matt Miller's latest column, we take a look at the importance of reading in all the many ways in manifests itself in the MMO-niverse. Read it all before lending your voice to the comments.

Dynamic Events

In today's column by Matt Miller, we take a look at Dynamic Events and how nice it would be to see the return of these types of in-game events being run by actual human beings rather than simply scripted. Check out Matt's ideas and then let us know what you think in the comments.

You Got Your CCG in My MMO

In his latest column for MMORPG.com, Matt Miller takes a look at the way collectible card games have wormed their way into MMOs. It's a fascinating look from an insider's perspective and one you won't want to miss. Read on before sharing your thoughts in the comments.

Greetings and Salutations

It isn't often that we, the fans, get the opportunity to interact with an MMO developer on a nearly one-on-one basis. MMORPG.com is proud to provide our readers with exactly that with today's debut of the Matt Miller column. Yes, -that- Matt Miller. See what he's got to say with his unique perspective on the industry and then say hello in the comments!