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The Eorzea Prospect

In this weekly column, Jatobi takes a look at the world of FFXIV and the many things going on in the endless adventure.

Ways To Prepare For Endwalker With Your Two Extra Weeks

We have a list of productive things to make sure you've done in FFXIV to stay warmed up before Endwalker's release.

The Eorzea Prospect: Tales From A Habitual FFXIV Returner (And Why This Time Is Different)

Robin, our resident World of Warcraft expert, has dove headlong into FFXIV. Again. Only for some reason this time feels different.

I've Found Anxiety And Optimism In Final Fantasy 14's Upcoming Data Center Travel

One of the most anticipated features of Final Fantasy 14's upcoming Endwalker expansion is its Data Center Travel feature. Yet it's an upcoming feature that has Victoria feeling both anxiety and optimism.

Nobody Asked, But My Final Fantasy 14 Raids Are Going Well

Just in case anyone was wondering, Victoria's raiding is going pretty okay in Final Fantasy XIV lately.

As Final Fantasy 14 Grows, We'll All Feel Growing Pains

The FFXIV community will have to work to uphold the reputation that made one of the biggest influxes in gaming history happen.

Final Fantasy 14 Roleplayers Find Carrd As Destination For Creativity

FFXIV roleplayers put characters on display through the free site-building service given a lack of in-game resources and in lieu of third-party mods.

I'm Actually Having Fun Endgame Raiding In Final Fantasy 14

High-tier raiding is the centerpiece of FFXIV endgame; despite its reputation, it can be fun when all the pieces come together.

Your Friends Recommend Final Fantasy 14 Because We Love You

Fine, Okay, I Got A Final Fantasy 14 Estate and I Get It Now

Victoria camped for a FFXIV house, a tricky goal in the MMORPG. About a month and a half later, she reflects on the process and achievement.

Final Fantasy 14 - Bozja and Resistance Weapons Requirements Clarified by Director, Development Team

Final Fantasy 14 director Naoki Yoshida addressed current 5.45 Resistance Weapons concerns, including a one-time required step, and 5.5x Bozja updates in the most recent Letter from the Producer Live.

FFXIV Announcement Showcase Preview: What We May See In The Live Stream

The FFXIV playerbase hasn't been told of an announcement of this size and hype in a while -- so is an expansion coming, or what?

Final Fantasy XIV Sprout's Guide: How To Get Limit Break, What Each Limit Break Does, And When To Use It

While Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG, it's still a Final Fantasy game, and there are very few Final Fantasy titles without a Limit Break in some shape or form. In the case of FFXIV, they've opted for a unique system: a shared, party-wide bar that only appears in multiplayer instances, such as Dungeons.

Final Fantasy XIV - The Eden Raids - The Eorzea Prospect

For the most part, Final Fantasy XIV has put out increasingly fascinating storylines to chase, especially after the initial content of A Realm Reborn. The raids especially tell stories that enhance the world of the game and are, frankly, excuses for some pretty cool fights. How does the latest one from Square Enix hold up, though?

Spoiler-Free-ish Final Fantasy XIV 5.4 Patch Impressions  - The Eorzea Prospect

FFXIV's latest, dubbed "Futures Rewritten," gives fans plenty of time with characters both beloved and belovingly dreaded.

Maybe Shadowbringers Was Too Kind About The World We're In - The Eorzea Prospect

Shadowbringers insists on the good will of humanity to move its stories forward. Elsewhere, FFXIV's realistic cruelty is often more interesting