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Not So MMO

In this bi-weekly column we tally up the news from around the almost-MMO-verse and offer our thoughts on the ins and outs of the titles that are big, but maybe not quite "Massive".

Why MMO Discussions Should Include Clash of Clans

I would like to apologize to my readers for my recent grumpiness; I tend to lash out when I feel that gaming and many of its fans are causing the genre more harm than good. If you have kept up with the last two or three years of gaming news, you’ll know why I am so adamant about pressing the opinion that of all of the forces that are hurting the genre, entitled gamers will always be the biggest source of damage.

The Truth is MMOs are Evolving

I think a change in acronyms is due to match the change. MMORPG has always been a mouthful and sort of sucked all of the immersive qualities out of the genre. MMORPG sounds like a scientific categorization. And, as this column hopefully shows, the semi- or pseudo-MMO market is alive and well within the blurry lines in between genres, so we need some new terms.