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Colonies Online Overview

Colonies Online is an independent F2P MMO in which all players are in the same game space and can communicate freely with each other. The game is set in the distant future. Human civilization has long conquered space and began to explore the distant worlds in search of resources necessary for life. Small research ships went to the other planets, but those planets are in no hurry to part with their treasures easily. The colonists will explore the dangerous worlds and will have to fight the monsters populating them. Huge territories and a virtually infinite number of planets, ensure that there is plenty of room, and endless crowds of monsters guarantee that things won’t be boring. However, players can hunt not only monsters, but also other players. Decide who your character will be a honest colonist or an outlaw killer ... or maybe a bounty hunter! Clear "non-target" system makes the hunt for monsters and players dynamic and interesting. And as a reward you will be able to improve the equipment of your character and his weapons, which will allow you to take on more complex and responsible tasks.

A Quick Look at the Indie Space Colonization MMO

Colonies Online is quietly and efficiently building its way out of early access on steam and into a more stable ongoing live release. We caught up with the game's developers at Iron Bit to learn about the game, it's status, and what's coming next.

New Trailer Introduces Main Features

Iron Bit has released a brand new trailer to show off some of the main features of Colonies Online. Of particular note are free-form construction, resource gathering and mining, weapon and armor modding, character development, large-scale alien battles and PVP warfare, all seated in an open world sandbox environment.

New Tutorial Helps Ease Entry Into the Game

Iron Bit has announced that a new tutorial for Colonies Online has been released. Included is a 'training' camp that gives players the chance to learn about game systems and how to survive in the world.