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Cybernetic Costumes Provide an Electrifying New Look

Closers players can now head into the game for a chance to craft the brand new Cybernetic costume. This is done by combining two rare costumes with "the Synchro Fiber item, the same method that the Dark Command costumes were obtained".

Fatigue System to be Removed with July 3rd Update

The Closers team has sent word that the Fatigue system will be removed for good on July 3rd. This will allow player to spend more time hunting achievements, finding loot and "improving the overall gameplay experience". Fatigue is being removed by En Masse in response to community feedback.

'Sultry, Sneaky' Harpy to Join on May 22nd as a New Playable Character

En Masse Entertainment has announced that a new playable character will be coming to Closers on May 22nd. Formerly known as the Phantom Thief, her name is Harpy and she is considered to be "sultry" and "sneaky". She utilizes powerful kicks and "energy-laden card attacks".

Tina to Join the Fray on April 3rd

Closers players will be able to try out a new character on April 3rd. Tina will be joining the Wolf Dogs on that date. She is "a battle robot created to harness the awesome energies of Phase Power". She is skilled at range and, in particular, against airborne opponents.

Pandimensional Update Launches & Tina Arriving on April 3rd

Closers has been patched with the Pandimensional Update that brings "Closers from another reality" into the existing game world. These wannabes are "determined to prove themselves the best Closers in the entire multiverse". From now through April 3rd, players will find a tournament-style bracket where they can vote once every two days to see how their favorite characters progress through the "Who is the best boy" and "Who is the best girl" categories.

Players to Choose Next Character in Harpy vs Tina Event

From Tuesday, March 6th through Wednesday, March 14th, Closers players will be able to directly determine which character will be entering the game in April. During Tina vs Harpy, players will be able to collect Wolf Dog Cookies by logging in, playing PvP (and winning) or leveling to 70. Once 30 cookies are gathered, players can construct either a Harpy or Tina support box that equates to one vote for the character of choice. Players can also construct a support mask for each character.

Playable 'Anti-Hero' Nata Slashes Into Game, Choose the Next Closer Event Coming Soon

En Masse Entertainment has announced a pair of pretty cool things for Closers fans. First off, the playable anti-hero named Nata is now available in game. He is a dual-wielding dynamo who slices through enemies with spinning attacks along with an ability that allows him to release an explosive column of energy to devastate the opposition.

Founders Packs Now On Sale - Prices Range from $15 to $150

En Masse has posted the new Founders Packages for Closers. Each of packages includes closed beta access. Closed beta will kick off on November 7th. There are four Founder's Packs available, each with its own collection of in-game cosmetic items, CBT access and more. All but the lowest price Founder's Pack includes Elite Status days as well. Packages run $15, $40, $100 and $150.