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Closers Articles

Closers Update Arrives Today, Patch Notes Detailed

A new patch for Closers is outlined, plus an update arrives featuring new updates to Seth. Details inside!

Seth Slashes Her Way Onto Anime Action RPG Closers Today

Seth, The Girl With Two Souls, makes her way onto anime RPG Closers today. The melee brawler is now ready to jump into action for those, and those who pre-created their own Seth will find her eager to go.

Exclusive: Closers - Seth Story Trailer

Seth is coming to Closers on September 10th, and the anime MMO's upcoming rage-filled character has a new story trailer to get you acquainted.

See Seth From Closers In Action With These Exclusive Screenshots And GIFs

Seth is coming to to Closers with all her half-demon glory September 10th. And if you've been itching to see more of Seth as the days go by, you're in luck as En Masse have provided MMORPG with some exclusive screenshots and GIFs to share with y'all.

Closers Players May Have Just Said Hello to Bai, But She's Already Up for Promotion

Bai made her debut earlier this week in Closers. While she may be the new kid on the block, she's made her mark and is squarely aimed on a promotion to Special Agent. En Masse Entertainment has revealed that Bai's Special Agent promotion will enter the game on May 7th along with some nifty new skills she'll earn along the way.

Closers Players Say Hello, Good Bai Beginning Today

Closers players have a brand new member of the Wildhuter gang to try out today thanks to the arrival of Bai. She brings with her a number of ice-based attacks that can devastate the enemy as well as protect her allies. As with all newly-added characters, Bai's arrival brings with it a number of activities to give her a leg up to level 67. Through May 21st, Bai characters will receive leveling supplies and those who reach 67 by April 30th will take home 500 EMP.

Big Things Are Happening in Closers Leading Up to Bai's Release

Bai doesn't arrive in Closers until April 23rd, but that doesn't mean there aren't a ton of other things to do in the intervening days. First, beginning this week, players can register their Bai and reserve her name. They can also take part in the Divine Battle Celebration, the New & Returning Player Event, check out A Rift in Time & Space, see & earn new costumes and peruse the new additions to the EMP and BITNA stores.

Get Ready to Say 'Hi' to Bai When She Launches into Closers on April 23rd

Closers players will have a new character to play when the icy cool Bai launches into the game on April 23rd. Her story and the events that will accompany her arrival will be unlocking over the coming weeks but players will be able to create Bai next week and reserve her name so she's ready to roll on launch day.

Closers Players Can Add Wolfgang to Task Force: Veteranus

Closers has been updated to allow players of level 83+ to add Wolfgang to Task Force: Veteranus that gives him a new "tier of power". Players can also look forward to a number of cosmetic additions and the April Fool's Event Dungeon that runs through April 23rd. Players can earn April Fool's crafting materials and much more.

Closers Task Force Veteranus: J Launch Trailer

Closers has been updated with the Veteranus Task Force content that brings "J." in to the game. Beginning at level 83, players can promote J. to Task Force Veteranus "to reach a new level of power".

Closers Season 3: Rogue Agents Launches with Surprises in Store

En Masse Entertainment has announced that Closers Season 3: Rogue Agents has officially launched. Players will be sent off on a new adventure that is features an unexpected twist: "The Wildhüter team, led by Wolfgang, is now opposed to the rest of the UNION and has split off on its own." To prepare players for the new content, EME has released a new video called "The Story So Far".

CLOSERS Announces the Launch Date for Season 3: Rogue Agents

It’s been a wild first year since En Masse Entertainment officially launched Closers, and on the game’s first anniversary, the team is thrilled to announce the next big chapter of the story in our epic anime Action RPG. Starting February 12th, Rogue Agents sends players off on a new adventure with an unexpected twist. The story so far has been filled with twists and turns, but we’re doubting any have seen this one coming...

Closers Kicks Off Its Lunar New Year Celebration

From today through February 11th, Closers players can take part in the Lunar New Year celebration and participate in the new Zenith Event Stage. At the start of Lunar New Year, players logging in will earn a special reward and new bundles will be available on the Deals page starting tomorrow.

Closers EU and NA Servers to Merge Into a Single World Server

En Masse Entertainment has informed its Closers community that EU and NA servers will be merging into a single world server. The merger process is slated to begin on January 29th at 4:00 pm Pacific / 7:00 pm Eastern and will last approximately ten hours. To help players prepare, devs have posted a Q&A with helpful information about what needs to be done ahead of the merge process.

Closers Players Can Take on an Awesome New Boss Named Nitocris

Closers players have a lot of work to do if they're at level 80 thanks to the arrival of Nitocris as part of the Purification Ops. He is the latest addition to the Purification Ops and will make an appearance three times per week starting today. Players entering the battle will earn points towards a Purification Ops rank with tons of rewards as they progress.