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Dragonica Online's job class system is composed of four basic job classes that can be promoted to 16 unique advanced jobs. During character creation, players choose a main job class - Warrior, Magician, Archer or Thief. Each job class specializes in a unique set of attacks and skills and allows adventurers to customize their character based on their combat preference and style.

After choosing a job class, players battle monsters and bosses to gain experience and master unique skills to progress to advanced job tiers. Although each class progression retains the core combat style and characteristics of the starter class, each advanced job has unique attributes, skills and items only available to that job. At level 20, players face the challenging decision of which advanced class to pursue and master.

When magicians complete sorcery training they can choose to specialize in the healing arts as a Priest or focus on assault sorcery as a Battlemage.


The path of the Magician is a difficult and isolated journey and only those who truly love magic can master the intense discipline of sorcery. Magicians possess wisdom and knowledge beyond their years and enter the scared Magic Tower to learn the principles of magic arts. Magician's lack of physical strength is overshadowed by devastating spell casting and rejuvenating healer abilities.


Priests are among the most devout of Magicians. Dedicating their skills in magic to the healing arts, Priests seek to better their own understanding of magic through continued study and first-hand battle experience. Though they can certainly hold their own in a fight, the Priest is known for powerful healing and rejuvenation spells and can turn the tide of the most unlikely battles.


Battlemages are masters of offensive magic, and are universally considered to be formidable combatants. Putting aside their studies to focus on the practical applications of magic as a weapon, Battlemages are known for their surprising toughness and devastating spell casting powers.

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