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PWI: Screenshot Class Overviews

The folks from Perfect World International have sent along these class screenshots and overviews for our viewing pleasure.

The Barbarian is the tanking class of Perfect World International. The weapon that this particular Barbarian is holding is not only awe inspiring but extravagant. The theme of this weapon is that it appears to be an actual living creature. Looking at the base of the hammer, you can see that it resembles a tail or fin. The base of the weapon also has a red glow that looks electric when in motion.

Up towards the top of the hammer you can see what looks like a dragon’s head eating a crystal. If you look carefully towards the neck of the beast, you can actually see pieces of the crystal protruding through its skin. The head as a whole glows with a fiery effect, while the eyes of the head sparkle with varying effects. Needless to say, you won’t want to ever find yourself on the receiving end this fine piece of weaponry.

The Blademaster is a melee damage dealer, as you can probably guess by the gigantic sword she’s wielding. Taking a closer look at the sword, you can really see a lot of fine detail on the blade. The hilt’s base holds a magenta crystal that glows. The remainder of the hilt is composed of metallic segments that sort of resemble a scorpion’s tail, each individual segment holds sparkling magenta diamonds. If you look down the blade of the weapon, you’ll notice a very swirly decorative theme. What you can’t see in this still image is the animated effect of the blue swirls emanating from the blade. This weapon is essentially a mix of elegance and sheer intimidation.

The art of Perfect World International is truly unique. The style of our weapons breathe inspiration into our players and encourage them to progress through the game.


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