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Dofus Iop Class Overview

MMORPG.com Dofus Correspondent Christy Bazell writes this overview of the Iop class in the Ankama MMO.

So you want to be an Iop, be ready to eat a lot of bread.

Iops are close combat fighters. They wield a sword like a super hero striking fear in both monsters and players.

The most common Iop builds are strength, intelligence and agility. However a pure agility Iop is much harder to play since they have a limited spell arsenal.

So now that we have the 3 main types down, let’s look at some specifics.

Strength Iops have the majority of the spells; their first spell is at level one. Pressure is best when you max its level. Once pressure is level 5, it only requires 3 action points (AP) to use, even better at level 6 pressure is 2 AP per hit which comes in very handy. Your next strength attack does not come until level 80, concentration, but have no fear that is not as far away as it seems. The strongest Iop spell is wrath an extremely powerful strength spell. You receive this spell at level 100.

Most Iops have a love hate relationship with Wraths ½ critical failure rate, but when it works it really works!

Intelligence Iops get their first fire spell, Sword of Fate, at level 9. Max this spell first. Sword of Fate will be your main spell until level 21 when you will be able to use Destructive Sword. However at level 26 you will have Cut, which not only damages but steals MP from your opponent. At level 60 Strength Storm gives you some range, 3-4 but requires line of sight, with good destruction.

Agility Iops, Devine Sword is your first spell at level 6 followed by Sword of Judgement, level 42 with Celestial Sword at level 80. Celestial sword is a strong spell with some range to it, covering an area of effect which if not aimed right will injure yourself and/or teammates.

You will get some great buff spells to help you along your way.

Jump, vitality and power are the three you will use most often. Jump will allow you to get closer faster or away faster, saving yourself as well as your bread consumption. As you level jump the number of squares you can move will increase to a max of 6 squares at level 6 with a cost of 5 AP.

Vitality is critical to an Iop. Being a close range fighter you will take a lot of hits and until you get some good vitality gear you will die often while levelling. When casting level 1 vitality, you will be given an average +80 to +90 HP for 20 turns, AP cost 4. Level vitality quickly, at level 5 you will receive +150 to +180 per cast. There is a 5 cast cool down during which time you won’t be able to use the spell.

Power will increase your hitting force depending on the spell level, at level 1 you receive 20% damage bonus, level 6 is 100% bonus. Power does have a 6 turn cool down time before you can recast, until level 6 at which it is 5 turn cool down.

Both vitality and power can be used to buff yourself or a team mate.

Of course there are many more spells than what is listed here; however these are the main spells you will see being used in game.

Play with your spells and see which you like better, remember you can always use a spell unlearning potion for a price! A pretty hefty price! These spells can be purchased at the Iop temple (1,3).

Your other option if you mess up your build or spells is to brave the depths of the reset dungeons. Be afraid, be very afraid for the higher your level when you want to reset the harder the dungeons get!

Okay so we have an idea what Element set we want; now how do we level?

Some strategies for levelling:

If you are fighting your own battles, that is to say not leeching, Incarnam is the best place to start. Choose fights close to or slightly above your character level to get the best XP. Get yourself a good adventure set, if you are lucky one that has been wisdom maged. The more wisdom in your gear the faster you will level.

As a beginner, quest not only give you XP and kama they will also introduce you to some important aspects of the game, so be sure to utilize them in your levelling. Your first sword will be given to you at the completion of the class quest.

At level 10 you can start wearing Gobbal set to help boost spell damage. If you choose to wear full gobbal set adding the hammer will give you a bonus AP. If you don’t want the bonus get yourself a good sword or hammer on one of your trip to Astrub. It is important to remember that after level 16 you cannot return to Incarnam, so plan your trips well.

levels 1-20 20-40 40-60 60-100

Mobs in Incarnam are best:

Rocky Inlet:

Gobbal Dungeon: (good kama to be made)












Fungi masters


Gobbal War Cheif


Scaraleaf Plains:

Grossewer rats



Scaras weak to your element

At level 80 you will be able to solo Gobbal Dungeon


Don’t limit yourself to these areas or monsters have fun. You might be surprised by your own strength.

Sets and weapons for levels 20+ will vary depending on your element. However, a Gelano ring (level 60) and a Powerful Dazzaling Belt (level 80) are both strong suggestion. You will love the extra AP it gives you. With 10 AP you become a killing machine!

Prespic is great for its wisdom levels and can be worn at level 38. For battle sets you can start wearing scara set peices at level 43, full Royal Gobbal set at level 50, Farele Ingalsse for level 80 and Full White Rat at 109.

A good strategy for levelling your lop is to get a good agility set at level 70 and utilize the range of celestial sword. Once you have your gear you can head into the sewers and kill rats like a professional exterminator. People will even pay you to leech them!

Shop around, there are a lot of great sets and pieces to mix and match. Also talk to other Iops in game, this is the best way to get ideas and make friends (hopefully he/she is a baker).


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