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Getting to Know The Adventurer

Pamela Blalock Posted:
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With 14 jobs currently in the game and many more on the way, there's a lot to do in Free Realms. All jobs have 20 levels (the two kart jobs currently cannot progress) and each one has its charm. In Free Realms you can change jobs freely at any time except while in combat. This allows you to be anything you want or not, it's up to you. The first job I'm going to look at is the Adventuring job.

This is by far the most open ended and, perhaps, difficult job to level. Adventuring is a combination of finding collections and landmarks. Supposedly there will be more ways for you to level this job later on, like questing to learn the lore of Free Realms, but for now you level by finding things.

The first thing about this job that stands out is the "uniform" you get to wear while adventuring. You can wear freestyle clothes and adventuring clothes. Clearly adventuring clothes are only for adventuring but there are several freestyle jobs that share the freestyle clothes. You can have the same thing on for multiple jobs, too. The type of clothes you can get for adventuring are the most "normal" looking. They're the plainest clothes in the game and that turns out being refreshing sometimes.

As for leveling your Adventuring job it's simple on paper. This job requires a little leg work. Literally, your character will run all over the world to find and complete collections. As you pick up all of the random things you find they'll be going into your endless inventory. Don't worry though; there is a way to sift through all of what you're picking up. To access your collections logbook all you have to do is click the book and pen on your dock at the bottom. Then select collections opposed to quests. Originally, there was one collection tab with, in my case, 29 pages. It got to be cumbersome. Since many were in the same boat I was in, SOE updated the system. Now, the collections tab has ten categories now separated by what type of collection you're looking for. Those categories are: exploration, job specific, flora, toys, insects, various robgoblin junk, archaic, aquatic, quests, and minigames.

For example, the exploration category includes merely finding an area; by running to it and it also includes finding exploration icons throughout the world. Experience and coin are rewarded for finding certain areas while adventurer clothes are rewarded for the completion of certain icon collections. Basically every section of the map has a name like: Seaside, Sanctuary, Merry Vale, etc. There are places to find in each area and there are icons to find in each area. After finding a set, you're rewarded with either experience and coin or fancy adventurer clothes. Icon collection goes so far as to separate the current area into quadrants with specific collections for each quadrant.

Job specific collections appear when you take up one of the other many jobs in Free Realms. So if you're a brawler you're going to see Brawler Materials every once in a while. Although these don't directly relate to the adventuring job, I still want to touch on them because they can offer great rewards. You'll find common materials and rare ones just like other collections. In short, you'll find enough of the common items to complete a collection which will reward you a piece of the next collection. This will happen a few times until you can be rewarded with a very special hammer for a maxed out brawler. In my experience this is similar for each combat job.

Various robgoblin junk equates to, most importantly, keys. If you complete a key collection in this game you're going to be rewarded with a key to a chest in the world. That chest holds more clothes for your adventurer. It doesn't sound like much but it's an entire set of clothes whereas each icon collection will give you a piece or two. When you don't use weapons or tools, the clothes you wear make the character when playing the adventurer class. However, you can get "weapons" for your adventurer. My character has a ceremonial hammer for adventurer use only. It was a loot card from the physical trading card game though.

This collection system is so detailed and large that there are even rewards from finishing a collection that apply to the next collection. These are sometimes referred to as meta collections. This is seen often with the toys and flora categories, but I'm sure are found in others. Aspects like this make collection almost a group effort. People are always looking for that last piece to complete a collection just to get another piece to another collection. Currently, the forums at Free Realms are active with collection parties and meetings as well as individual requests.

The Adventurer job isn't for everyone. It might be considered boring or repetitive by some, but there's no denying that it takes stamina. As Free Realms constantly makes improvements to the game in general, there's no doubt that changes will come to this job. For instance, when you look at your collection logbook all rewards are marked as question marks even after you've completed that collection. Little things like that are sure to be fixed and developed further. Until then, just pick up everything!


Pamela Blalock