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Ecaflip Overview

Christy Bazell Posted:
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Dofus: Ecaflip Overview

MMORPG.com Dofus Correspondent Christy Bazell writes this look at the Ecaflip class in the MMORPG, Dofus.

Do you crave adventure? Love the feeling of adrenaline rushing in your veins as you tempt faith? Do you live on the edge taking chances, relying on luck?

The Ecaflip is the class for you!

This class relies on the luck of the draw and the throw of the dice. You never know if the odds are in your favour. Some fights will have you shouting with glee while the next has you wallowing in sorrow.

For the Ecaflip there is excitement in every battle, fighting on the edge of your seat....win or die!

Here's the low down - Eca's have 11 attack and 9 buff spells. The majority of the attacks are earth based making the strength Eca a great choice. Alternatives are agility and chance attacks, these attacks are rolled into one spell; Bluff. There are two spells available for intelligence, but rumour has it these are unreliable, making an Intel Eca more of a battle then a pleasure to play.

So where do you put your character points, for a first character strength is your best bet. Nice simple build with the majority of the spells.

However, if you really are a gambler at heart.......try one of the roads less travelled

Dofus screenshot

Let's look at a Strength Eca: 7 of the 11 spells are strength based giving you lots of options. But the recommendation is to use your points to make a few spells to level 5 as fast as possible. Since level 5 spells will give you more bang in a battle. As for character points, put all into strength. A great suggestion to increase your likelihood of critical hits is to scroll agility. Not only will you increase your critical hit but also your ability to dodge opponents and not be dodged by them in battles.

Heads or tails is your first spell with your next earth based spell at until level 48, Feline Spirit. Heads and Tails will inflict damage then heal you opponent each cast. As you level the spell and your strength increases, your damage will be more than the amount of healing. As for your second earth spell Feline spirit has a major downside, 50% of the time this spell will hurt yourself and not your target. These odds are not in your favour.

"Hmm", you say! Well hold up, remember you're a gambler. My recommendation is to not level a spell that can potential kill you and not your target.

Dofus screenshot

Next earth damage spells are at 70 and 80, Playful Claw and Claw of Ceangal. Both inflict excellent damage; the bonus from Claw of Ceangal is that on a critical hit your opponent loses action points (AP) for several turns. And an enemy with less AP isn't a bad thing. Remember we increased or shot at critical hit by scrolling agility.

Felation is another great spell. This one you purchase from the temple and is the Ecaflip's class spell. Felation will cause damage to the target as well as it will push them back and it looks pretty cool too.

At level 90 Rekop becomes a spell to be reckoned with! Rekop (Poker backwards) attacks with all 4 elements and has a 50% chance of a critical hit. Now that is a sweet gamble! This isn't the only spell that has a good advantage, at 100 Fate of Ecaflip is unlocked. On a critical hit Fate of Ecaflip steals movement points (MP) keeping your target right where you want them.

So those are a few Eca attacks let's look at the buffs

Roulette is the first buff and is very random. This spell will either buff you, your allies, your enemy or everyone.....remember you are a chance taker! But have no fear you have some great buffs coming. Buffs to level are Perception (lets you see invisible targets), Clover (increases your critical hits), Wheel of Fortune (doubles your damage) and smell (action points/movement points increase, usually...hehe). Another spell to note is Felines Leap, being able to jump one square can aid in getting some distance between you and your foe.

Now not only do you need some good spells but you will need weapons and gear. For an Eca the weapon debate tends to be sword or daggers, both are good. So pick your weapon based on great stats. Be sure to purchase sword or dagger skill to increase your weapons damage in battles. Your equipment will vary depending on your choice element and first damage attack.

Now let's talk levelling:

Incarnam is the best place to start (levels 1-20), remember your first spell will damage and heal your target. Strongly suggest completing the quest for your first weapon sooner than later. That way you can hit without healing until you level Heads or Tails. Choose fights close to or slightly above your character level to get the best XP.

Dofus screenshot

By completing the quests and dungeon in Incarnam you will get your first set, the Boon set. Full Boon set will give you +25 wisdom, however to boost your levelling speed get yourself a good Young Adventurer set (up to +50 wisdom).

At level 10 you can start wearing Gobball set to help boost spell damage. If you choose to wear full Gobball set adding the hammer will give you a bonus AP. If you don't want the bonus get yourself a good sword or daggers on one of your trip to Astrub. It is important to remember that after level 16 you cannot return to Incarnam, so plan your trips well.

Once you hit level 20, move on to battles in the areas around Astrub (forest and field) killing boars, prespics and flowers. Once you have a full prepsic set, at level 38, move on to Wabbit Island and exterminate the wabbits.

For solo levelling, look for fights that are slightly higher than your current level and keep exploring new areas. Blops are very good experience similarly, piglets are a fast way to level 70 but not great experience after 70. The Pursuit of your first 100 will seem like a long road but you can make it fun. Team up with other players to fight bigger mobs and increase your levelling. Besides it isn't much fun playing an MMORPG on your own.


Christy Bazell