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Brushing Up on the Brawler

Pamela Blalock Posted:
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This time we'll be looking at another combat class available in Free Realms. Last time we looked at a ranged expert appropriately named the Archer. The Archer is a members' only job meaning only those that subscribe to Free Realms' monthly fee of $4.99 can play as that job. The Brawler, however, is available to everyone. As one of the nine jobs anyone can play, the Brawler is one of two combat classes that does not require membership. The other job is the Ninja.

As a Brawler your main focus is damage up close and personal with the enemy. The job is really about damage, but it's more formidable than the Archer. The Brawler can tank with a good healer around, but can't always replace the Warrior. I often play with just one other person and I've found for smaller groups it's nice to have someone who can deal damage but be moderately tough.

The skills of the Brawler allow him or her to deal damage to multiple enemies or one enemy multiple times. The job even has a ranged attack for times when pulling an enemy is necessary. Brawlers use hammers when fighting enemies and make short work of them with these abilities.

Aside from a basic attack that executes when clicked, the Brawler has four abilities. This is how all of the combat classes work in Free Realms. You will start with that basic attack and an ability called Leg Sweep. At level five, you'll get Rock Toss, at ten it's Pummel, and at 15 it's Enrage.

  • Leg Sweep - The Brawler sweeps all nearby enemy legs, causing 50 damage to each.
  • Rock Toss - You launch rocks that stun 3 enemies and cause 53 damage each.
  • Pummel - The Brawler attacks the enemy quickly, landing 3 consecutive blows for 29 maximum damage each.
  • Enrage - The Brawler goes on a frenzied rampage for 10 seconds, increasing melee damage by 8 and critical hit chance by 1%.

As you improve these abilities with stars, you'll do more damage on all of them except for Enrage. By improving Enrage, your melee damage goes up as well as your critical chance.

I'll say it again; although there are only five abilities, the combat in Free Realms is still entertaining. When Free Realms hits the PS3, those five abilities will be easier to manage with a controller. Not to mention, there is a little depth in the upgrading of abilities. Honestly, if you're looking for a combat heavy MMORPG this isn't going to scratch that itch, but it's still fun. For pick up and play reasons, you might get familiar with the Brawler since it's one of the two free combat classes.

My experience as a Brawler in Free Realms includes getting to around level 12 where the level cap is 20. Like most combat classes in FR, leveling takes persistence. Like many MMORPGs there is a bit of a grind to it when leveling a combat class. Running dungeons and hopping into random encounters is a way to level, but really quests are the way to go. Finding a good guild to run with always helps and since loot is automatically distributed there won't be much argument about who gets what. That may sound discouraging, but a lot of the fancy armor and weapons are purchased with coin. Aside from the journey of leveling, maxing out a job offers new weapons and armor.

One of the things I like the most about the Brawler is the way you dress when you're performing that job. The Brawler wears makeshift armor. What looks a little like football padding, a pair of jeans, a backward ball cap, wrapped hands, and a pair of boots usually can be found on a Brawler. With hammers and the occasional drill in hand, the Brawler looks more like a crazy citizen on a mission than some pit fighter. The hammers are huge and two-handed. Some appear to be just hammers while others look mystical or even goofy.

To get started as a Brawler you need to unlock the Brawler job and start doing quests. When you first log into the game, a Brawler trainer won't be too far away. Upon creating a character you'll begin in the tutorial that will eventually allow you to choose to learn to fight or gather ingredients. You can do both, but choosing to learn to fight will unlock the Brawler job. This is done by talking to Ashley Lightwings who will lead you to Flanders; the man who will teach you to brawl.

If you choose not to talk to Flanders in the tutorial, you will have other opportunities to pick up the job. Once you're out of the tutorial, there are several Brawler trainers around the world to give you quests and help you level up. The beginning Brawlers, for level 1 Brawlers, include Caitlyn Gravefog in Stillwater Crossing, Harold in Highroad Junction, and Carlos Brazenfist at the Crossroads. Like other combat jobs these beginning quests will lead you to repeatable quests that are optional in order for you to reach level 5. Once you hit level 5 you visit other trainers with quests that will later offer new repeatable quests to get you to level 10. This repeats for level 15 and finally to 20. You don't have to take part in these repeatable quests, but they're available for those who want the extra coin and experience.

There you have it; the ins and outs of being a Brawler. If you're not a member this job will come in handy if you're interested in Free Realms combat. Since you also have the Ninja you won't get tired of the combat since their styles do differ. Of course if you're looking for combat, $4.99 isn't a terrible price to pay for a job you might enjoy more than the Brawler and the Ninja.

For next time we'll examine the Blacksmith job; a production job that makes products for you and other players. It's a members' only job that highly relates to Mining. Join us next time!


Pamela Blalock