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A Look at the Witch Elf

John Lisenby Posted:
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A Look at the Witch Elf, Page Two

Skill Name Description Rank Cooldown Range Comment
Increased Pain Critical hits will deal 50% more dmg. 21 NA NA Tactic
Sever Blessing Sever one blessing from target and deal 10 dmg 22 5 secs 5 feet Target must have a blessing
Bathing in Blood When you kill an enemy you regain 63 health over 9 secs. 23 NA NA Tactic
Broad Swings Strike up to two additional enemies near your target for 10 secs 24 60 secs NA Morale skill
Wracking Pains Deals 0 dmg over 0 secs. If target is ailing toughness and weapon skill will be reduced by 16 for 21 secs. 25 NA 5 feet Builds one bloodlust
Flanking All attacks deal 15% more dmg when attacking from the side or rear. 25 NA NA Tactic
Frenzied Mayhem Increase your chance to crit by 3% for each bloodlust point you have. 27 NA NA Tactic
Dance of Doom Deals 40 dmg repeatedly for up to 3 secs. 28 60 secs 5 feet NA
Riposte Each time you parry, you strike back for 25 dmg they can not prevent. 29 NA NA Tactic
Treacherous Assault Target takes 30 dmg each time they use magic for 15 secs. You gain two bloodlust. Your abilities cost 50% less for 10 secs. 30 NA 10 feet Requires Prowling

Skill Name Description Rank Cooldown Range Comment
Exotic Venom Increases the duration of Vehement Blades, Enfeebling Strike, and Treacherous Assault by an additional 5 secs. 31 NA NA Tactic
Death Reaper Increase your groups crit hit chance by 50% for 10 secs. 32 60 secs NA Morale Skill
For the Hag Queen Your frenzies now have a 10% chance per bloodlust point to knock down target for 3 secs 33 NA NA Tactic
Kiss of Betrayal Deals 20 dmg. For 2 mins your attacks have a 25% chance to deal an additional 10 dmg. Steals 10 action points and gives them to you. 35 10 Secs 5 feet Builds One Bloodlust
Taste of Blood Any time you take dmg, there is a 25% chance you will deal 15% more dmg for 10 secs. 35 NA NA Tactic
1 2 3 4 5 6
Web of Shadows Deals 160 dmg to all enemies in front of you up to 65 feet away. 36 60 Secs NA Morale Skill
Swift Pursuit Fleet-Footed will increase run speed by 25%. 37 NA NA Tactic
Sacrifices Rewarded Each time you crit, you will absorb up to 55 dmg. Will not trigger more than once every 3 secs 39 NA NA Tactic
Agile Escape Stuns target for 2 secs and you leap away backwards from them. 40 30 secs 5 feet NA
Frenzied Slaughter Abilities cost 25% less action points, cool down 50% faster, and deal 20% more dmg for 7 secs. 40 60 secs NA Morale Skill


There is no doubt that the Witch Elf is one of the front line classes that is a force on the battlefront. Even though you are unable to play a male Witch Elf you can still enjoy playing this class. It gives you the feel of running around with an Amazon Warrior who really knows how to fight and isn't scared to get into the mix of things right beside a warror. But if you would rather sneak up behind your target and stab them full of holes before they can say don't do it. Then this class can also do that for you also. The Witch elf can chase down or sneak up on her target and dispatch them with quick effectiveness. This is one class that I have enjoyed testing out. You will even see me on this one sometimes in the future as I do not plan on getting rid of this character. On the PvP and RvR front, the Witch Elf is definately someone you do not want to run up on. She will dispatch you in a whirl of blades before you can run. Even though this is a light armored class, they deal damage quickly and have several skills to debuff. They are able to keep you from running and DOT's for if you do happen to get away. Either way it goes, you will know you ran into one.

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