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A Look at the Witch Elf

John Lisenby Posted:
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Warhammer Online: A Look at the Witch Elf

MMORPG.com Warhammer Online Correspondent John Lisenby writes this overview of the Wtich Elf class, complete with a list of skills attainable by that class.

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The Witch Elf is a fast hitting, up in the front lines person. They are much like the rogue you see in most mmo games. They use poison, daggers, and stealth to get the job done. They are a female only class. No male Witch Elves. Though it looks as though they are wearing barely anything for armor, do not let that fool you. They are light armored and pack a lot of speed and power.

The Paths

There are three paths to each class in Warhammer. The three for the Witch Elf are, The Path of Carnage, The Path of Suffering, and The Path of Treachery. The Path of Carnage is focused on front line combat. The get out there in the mix and start stabbing kind. The Path of Suffering is focused on poison and weakening effects. This allows you to deal poison over time and weaken the enemy with debuffs. The Path of Treachery is focused on position and surprise. Using stealth and getting into the right position for the most damaging attack. You can train in these paths once you reach rank 11 from the trainer.

Morale skills

These are skill that require Morale. You build morale by dealing damage and members of your group dealing damage. Once you build up enough morale, The morale skill you have chosen will light up for use. Using the skill will drain your morale. There are five ranks of morale skills for you to use as you rank up and train them.


Tactics are skills that are passive. You have five sets of Tactics. Each set can have a Career, Renoun, and Tome tactic. This gives you the ability to set up five sets of tactics and switch between them when you need. To switch your tactics just click on the tactic set number at the bottom left of your UI and it will show all the sets. To set up your tactics just hit "V" and click the "Tactics" tab.


From what I have played on the Witch Elf I find that this is a great front lines damage dealer. The Witch Elf can deal damage fast and will have you begging for a heal faster than you can yell "Heal me!!!". A Witch Elf with a healer behind her is a killing machine that is hard to stop. If you like the up-in-your-face combat then this is one of the classes you should consider. I have also listed all the abilities, tactics, and moral skills here so you can see what makes this dagger swinging diva a force to contend with.

Skill Name Description Rank Cooldown Range Comment
Slice A stab which deals 35 dmg starting skill na 5 feet Builds one bloodlust
Throwing Dagger Deals 10 dmg. Also snares target if you are behind them for 5 secs. starting skill na 5 - 6.5 feet NA
Flee Increase run speed by 30 for 10 secs. Also lose all action points. starting skill NA 5 feet 6
Puncture Deals dmg based on bloodlust. 2 NA 5 feet Requires bloodlust
Envenomed Blade Deals 10 dmg. Also deals 33 dmg over 9 secs. 3 NA 5 feet Builds one bloodlust
Kiss of Agony Deals 20 dmg. For 2 mins all your attacks have a 25% chance inflict pain causing 20 dmg and stealing 2 points of initiative for 10 secs. 4 10 Sec 5 feet Builds one bloodlust
Agonizing Wound Deals 25 dmg. If behind the target you ignore armor. 5 NA 5 feet Builds one bloodlust
Heart Render Toxin Deals dmg based on bloodlust. 20% fewer action points per bloodlust. 6 NA 5 feet Requires bloodlust
Feinted Positioning Positional attacks can be used without the positional requirement for 10 secs. 7 60 Sec 65 feet Morale skill
Sever Nerve Deals 160 dmg 8 30 sec NA  
Enchanting Beauty Detaunt all within 30 feet causing them to deal 50% less dmg for 15 secs. 8 30 secs NA  
Kiss of Death Deals 20 dmg. For 2 mins you attacks have a 25% chance to deal an additional 20 dmg and cause victim healing to become 45% less for 5 secs. 9 10 sec 5 feet Builds one bloodlust
Shadow Prowler Stealth. Drains your action points. You un-stealth when your points run out 10 30 secs NA  
Vehement Blades Deals 20 dmg for each melee attack over the next 15. Abilities will cost 50% less for 10 secs 10 NA 10 feet Requires Prowling

Skill Name Description Rank Cooldown Range Comment
Dark Blessings Heals directed to you recover 10% more health 11 NA NA Tactic
Force of Will Drains 200 action points from target into yourself. Reduces targets strength by 4 for 30 secs 12 60 sec 10 feet Morale Skill
Ruthless Assault Deals dmg based on bloodlust 12 8 Sec 5 feet Requires Bloodlust
Jagged Edge Any time you crit an enemy they will suffer 54 dmg over 9 secs 13 NA NA Tactic
Sever Limb Deals 35 dmg and disarms target for 5 secs. 14 10 Sec 5 feet Requires Parry
Whirling Blades attacks that build bloodlust have a 33% chance to build one additional bloodlust2 15 NA NA Tactic
Throat Slitter Deals 30 dmg if you attack from behind. Makes target unable to use magic for 3 secs. 16 20 Sec 5 feet Builds one bloodlust
Confusing Movements Dodge and Parry all attacks for 7 secs 16 60 secs NA NA
Alignment of Naggaroth Spiritual resistance increased by 6 17 NA NA Tactic
Fleet-Footed Removes roots and snares. For 10 secs roots and snares have no effect on you 18 60 Sec NA NA
Brute Force Increase your strength by 4 19 NA NA Tactic
Relentless Assault Grants 10 action points to your group for 10 secs 20 60 Secs NA Morale Skill
Enfeebling Strike Target takes 7 dmg every time they move for 15 secs. Your abilities cost 50% less for 10 secs. 20 NA 5 feet Requires Prowling
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