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Clash of Avatars Overview

Clash of Avatars is a fun mythical MMORPG with a stylized anime look from AMZgame. Drawing on inspiration from anime and cosplay, accompanied by unusual and exotic companions and a wide array of loyal and ever increasing powerful equine, avian and dragos mounts, CoA is a game for players that are looking for fun, entertainment and enjoyment in a game with a community spirit, full of fun, laughter and battle quests to share with friends and your gaming family.


  • Three Classes With Over Sixty Avatars | You can play a Mage, Warrior, or Priest, but finding all sixty Avatars in the game will advance your attributes.
  • Four Ways to Upgrade Gear | You can grow gear as you get stronger. There are ways to Promote, Enhance, Enchant, or Socket your gear.
  • Monsters and Dance Contests | Not only do you adventure and kill monsters, you also can take part in some of the top Dance Contests in the land.
New Avatars & Activities Released in Latest Update

AMZGame has sent word that Clash of Avatars has been updated with some new content for players to explore. Included in the patch are five new avatars (Ninja Leader, Ninja Heroine, Lady Moss, Wildcat and Paladin), two new sets of wings, three brand new activities alongside bug fixes and feature enhancements.

Open Beta Gift Key Giveaway!

MMORPG.com has partnered with AMZGame to bring our members an exclusive gift key event for their newest MMORPG - Clash of Avatars. Clash of Avatars is a free-to-play browser game inspired by anime and cosplay. These gift keys will give you free gold, spirit and much more!