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City of Titans Articles

City of Titans Community Update Is All About Houses and Bases

Housing is a feature many of us like to dabble with in our favorite MMOs. City of Titans, the Kickstarted superhero MMO, just shared their most recent community update which takes a look at houses and bases.

City of Titans Previews Travel Powers in Latest DevBlog

The team at Missing Worlds Media (MWM) has previewed a series of travel powers for City of Titans in their latest devblog. Players will be able to combine multiple travel powers so that they can travel the world however they choose.

City of Titans Dishes on the Next Steps in Development

Missing Worlds Media has provided an update on their development of City of Titans, which is a self-described spiritual successor to Cryptic's popular super hero MMORPG, City of Heroes. The development team wants players to know that, despite being quiet over the past several months, Missing Worlds Media has been highly productive at bringing the game together.

City of Titans Celebrates a Mac OS Avatar Builder Release and Unreal Engine Upgrade

What's been going on in City of Titans you ask? In the Spring Update for the in-development super hero game, the team at Missing Worlds Media is proud to present a Mac version of their Avatar Builder, and some additional changes and upgrades.

The City of Titans Team Recaps 2020's Progress and Talks the Road Ahead

Missing Worlds Media has posted a recap of City of Titans in 2020, outlining some disappointment that more headway couldn't be done throughout the year. The team still lauded the development that they did accomplish. MWM is looking forward to 2021, with a Mac client in the works, and several of the in-game neighborhoods getting fully fleshed out.

City of Titans Shows Off Starter Zone, Alexandria, In New Video

City of Titans has shown off their starter zone, Alexandria, a new video.

City of Titans Team Showcases Fan Character Creations

During New York Comic Con a couple of weeks ago, the City of Titans team invited attendees to try out the character creation portion of the game to come up with epic superheroes. The game's site now features several of the most epic along with developer commentary about colors, textures and more.

Apkallu Race Revealed Along with 'Modular Models'

The City of Titans site has been updated with a look at the Apkallu race, "a race of superhuman fishman". In addition to revealing much of their lore and origin, the site also takes a look at the modular characters models that allow for interesting additions to the Apkallu in the form of Monster Heads, Tattoos, "Pit Wings" and Asymmetric Costume Pieces.

Mastery Sets Add Customization & Gameplay Options to Enhance Every Character

The City of Titans site has been updated with a new look at the Mastery system, the first since 2014. In the intervening years, the team has been hard at work to bring additional ways for players to enhance their gameplay options for each character. Masteries allow players to take three Powers that are in addition to both Archetype and Powers sets.

Get a Look at New Images Any Time Via Instagram

The City of Titans site has been updated with a brief note to let fans know that the game has arrived on Instagram. To entice folks to head over to follow CoT, the team has released more than a few never-yet-seen screenshots. We won't spoil all of it here, so do yourself a favor and check it out.

New Blog Shows Off How Devs Want You to Always Have a Good Hair Day

The latest City of Titans developer blog has been posted, this time showing off the process of how the team is working hard to make sure that players always have a good hair day. It begins with the discussion of how "cloth dynamics" are applied to hair so that it doesn't just stick to the toon's head without moving and provides range of motion. Then designers use "bones" and joint-based physics to give hair a truly "living" aspect.

Paths Will Help Define Your Character Through Multi-Part Story Quests

The City of Titans site has been updated with a detailed look at the Path System that the game will utilize to help players define their characters. These story arcs are multi-part and allow players to interact with "enemies, allies, locations and plots" that are packed with lore.

Questing and Making Content Explored in Latest Blog

The City of Titan site has been updated with a new developer blog that explains how the questing system will work in the game. It is the developers' goal to create backstory and meaningful content for players to experience. To do that, questing will be broken down into three distinct types: Tips, Paths and District Stories. Today's blog focuses in on Tips, short, self-contained, one-off adventures.

First Details of Archetypes Unveiled

The City of Titans site has been updated with a first look at the Archetypes that players will be able to choose from. The new page is in the spotlight as well as the structural redesign of the site to provide more information to visitors.

Team Demos Procedural Building Tools

The City of Titans team has sent out a brand new trailer to show off the procedural tool used to create the game. The Builder allows the dev team to automate the process of building cities within the game, "enabling in seconds what normally takes hours".