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    Unreal Engine
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    Missing Worlds Media
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City of Titans Overview

City of Titans is a fully-Kickstarter funded superhero MMORPG from Missing Worlds Media. It is the Unreal Engine based spiritual successor to City of Heroes, with a focus on player choice, player customization, and big explosions. Flexibility in character creation is matched by select-able personal storylines and more. It is a buy to play MMO, with an optional subscription.

  • Character Customization | Design your look at level 1. Choose your costume, your powers, and your animations.
  • Multiple Interactive Stories | Hero or Villain is just the start. Are you a classic Paragon, a scheming Mastermind, a Street Hero or a Crime Lord? Storylines divorced from power sets let you choose.
  • Enormous City, Fun Travel | Fly, Teleport, Swing, Run or Jump over a enormous near-seamless city. Or just take the Subway.
  • Competition, not just PvP | Competition beyond just punching other people’s faces in. But what kind of superhero game would it be if you couldn’t do that?
  • Independent Developers | We’re working on a shoestring, doing the impossible. Why? Because we think it needs to be done.
  • Unlimited Growth | We’re focusing on making it easy to make content. That means more time to develop new features. Gliding travel. Parkour. Motorcycles. King of Monster Island PVP. Multiple paths from 1 to 50 and beyond. If we can dream it, we might just be able to do it.