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City of Steam Articles

Last Day of Service on January 31st

One of the better browser ARPGs, City of Steam, is ending service on Sunday, January 31st. According to MMOGames, developer Mechanist Games had a rocky go of it after ending a publication partnership with R2Games.

New EU Server Launches

The City of Steam team has let us know that a new Euopean server has officially kicked off. To celebrate, several in-game events are taking place to give players an incentive to try it out.

Crafting to be Overhauled in Next Update

The City of Steam page has been updated with a new blog post that gives a sneak peek at upcoming changes to the crafting system in the next patch. According to the article, the crafting interface will be simplified and made easier to understand, among other significant changes to the crafting feature.

Cross-Server PvP Wrap-Up and Crafting System Overhaul

Troubled steampunk MMO City of Steam continues to strive for improvement and recently announced the successful completion of its first round of cross-server PvP. Developer Mechanist Games also revealed details of its latest update which will address issues with the crafting system as well as introduce a new form of in-game currency.

A Sneak Peek at v2.6

City of Steam developers have been hard at work to make some big improvements to the game, including bug fixes, improvements and more. Most significantly, the team has been hard at work on a new type of dungeon experience and an inter-server war feature.

New Servers Incoming

In what is surely a good sign for City of Steam: Arkadia, the team has announced that a new US server will be added and that the first EU server will be opening soon. EU players who have been gaming on the US server will be allowed to transfer all characters and currency to the new EU server when it goes live.

Relaunch Coming December 4th

Mechanist Games has announced that City of Steam: Arkadia will launch on December 4th. Arkadia is the newest version of City of Steam after Mechanist retook the English language version of the game from R2 Games.

Q&A Reveals Mechanist's Plans

A new internal Q&A at Mechanist Games reveals a lot of new information about City of Steam and the relaunch of the game in November. Mechanist Games recently reacquired the English language rights to the game and has plans to republish it as City of Steam: Arkadia.

Mechanist Games Reclaims English Version

Mechanist Games has sent us word that it is reclaiming the English language version of City of Steam from current publisher R2Games. The game will be self-published and improved by Mechanist. The title will be rebranded "City of Steam: Arkadia" and is expected to relaunch in November.

Lacking the Inspiration to Be Something More

We've been playing Mechanist Games' City of Steam for the past few weeks and have been sharing some thoughts in our Review in Progress articles. Both articles were preparation for today's official review. See what we think of City of Steam and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Review In Progress #2

City of Steam is a game aimed straight at the steampunk niche market in the MMO space. How well does it succeed? We've been playing CoS to find out. Today is our second in a series of articles building up to our final review next week. See what you think and then head to the comments to add your ideas.

Review in Progress #1

City of Steam is currently in open beta testing. Being developed by Mechanist Games and published by R2 Games, City of Steam is a game looking to fill a void in the MMO space, namely a successful steampunk title. We've been playing City of Steam and have a few thoughts to share about our earliest adventures. See what we have to say and then let us know what you think in the comments.

Gabe LaForge talks COS Open Beta

MMORPG.com 's Rob interviewing City of Steam Developers about their steampunk title. See what they discussed!

New Patch to Introduce Channeler Class

City of Steam has announced that a new patch will be deployed next week that will see significant additions to the game including a higher level cap, improved/expanded quests, and the introduction of the new Channeler class.

City of Steam Beta Gift Key Handout!

To help celebrate the opening of Server 2 - MMORPG.com has been given special gift codes for City of Steam that will grant players free in game gifts including a Transmuted Marshopper, 5 keys and much more! Get your key now!