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Post-Mortem with Matt "Positron" Miller

We talk all things COH with the game's former Lead Designer. Watch and see what could have been in COH!

Nature Affinity Power Set

Powers Designer Phil Zeleski explains how he created the new Nature Affinity Power Set. Nature Affinity is an all-new support set that combines debuffs, holds and heals. Get it today from the Paragon Market.

City of Heroes with Grakulen and Cord Carney AKA Think Tank

This is a quick run through of the new Summer Event for City of Heroes. -- Recorded live on Twitch.tv for MMORPG.com - http://j-tv.me/MdFx5p

Going Rogue Expansion with Devs

Did you ever want to get blown up by a nuclear weapon? -- Recorded live on Twitch.tv for MMORPG.com - http://j-tv.me/HMu2B0

City of Heroes - Issue 22 - Death Incarnate

Trailer for City of Heroes' Issue 22- Death Incarnate

Freedom Video Review

MMORPG.com reviews City of Heroes' recent foray into F2P MMO gaming.