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City of Heroes Articles

City of Heroes Rebirth Opens Pandora's Box With Issue 6: Dawn of Genesis

Pandora's Box, and new challenges, arrive in City of Heroes: Rebirth. New and expanded powers, new challenges, Incarnate Power expansions, costume parts, and more.

City of Heroes Rebirth Project Adds Forever Epic Update With New Power Sets, Glowing Costumes, and Cel Shading

Remake project City of Heroes: Rebirth gets its Issue 4: Forever Epic update, which brings two new pool power sets, two epic power sets, glowing skins, cel shading, and more.

City of Heroes Homecoming Announces This Year's Costume Contests

City of Heroes Homecoming has announced the dates for the costume contests of 2021, in addition to a change.

City of Heroes: Homecoming - Update on NCSoft Talks, Renamed to Homecoming: City of Heroes

When it comes to unofficial servers, the resurgence of City of Heroes through the City of Heroes: Homecoming initiative has been one of the most popular out there. A recent post by the Homecoming team on the official (or unofficial) forums details changes in the name, as well as updates about the talks with NCSoft regarding the future of the title.

City of Heroes Fan Homecoming Server Celebrates First Anniversary

The Fan Homecoming server of City of Heroes celebrated its one year anniversary recently, and are giving away anniversary badges during the month of May.

City of Heroes Spring Fling Event Live

The Spring Fling event is now live in City of Heroes, along with some additional patch notes.

City of Heroes Homecoming Team Cracking Down On Copyright Infringing Characters

It looks like copyright infringement is being cracked down upon by the City Of Heroes Homecoming team, via a forum post yesterday.

City of Heroes: Homecoming Team Polls Community on Licensed Servers

Here's an interesting one for today: The City of Heroes: Homecoming team is polling their community on what they would like to see from an officially licensed server. We'll pose the same to you: what would you want if a licensed server came to be?

City of Heroes Patch Notes Brings Adjustments to Dominator Powers and More

A new City of Heroes patch has hit and brings with it a slew of glorious patch notes.

City of Heroes: Homecoming Releases Beta Patch

City of Heroes released a beta patch containing bug fixes, 64-bit Mac client updates, Powers, and more.

City of Heroes Homecoming Team Shares Update Regarding Titan Network/NCSoft Negotiations

The City of Heroes Homecoming team shared a post on their forums regarding the Titan Network/NCSoft negotiations today.

City of Heroes Team Ready to Roll Out Its First Large-Scale Event

The City of Heroes forum has been updated with a post to provide players with details of the Memorial Day Event that also happens to be the "first large-scale event". Players will want to log in on May 27th between the hours of 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm Eastern to take part. The party starts in Statesman Plaza, Kallisti Wharf with a giant costume contest before Giant Monsters, Arch-Villains and Heroes are spawned in the game.

Titan Network Negotiating with NCSoft About a Legal City of Heroes Server

Tony Vazquez's Titan Network is in negotiations with NCSoft about the creation of a community-run legal City of Heroes server. The news came late yesterday after a day of ups and downs for the community as the CoH private server came up over the weekend abruptly went dark. There is no word on when, or if, negotiations with NCS will wrap up, but the community is hopeful that Vazquez's words ring true, "Things are looking positive, so stay strong."

UPDATED! City of Heroes Private Server Shut Down & 'On a Direct Course for Legal Action'

The City of Heroes private server that cropped up late last week after the source code for the "secret CoH" server was publicly released has been shut down. In a note copied to the CoH Reddit, the team behind the server said that it had "to be shut down indefinitely" and that the team is "on a direct course for legal action". As a result, the site and server are gone "to protect the people involved in this project, their families, and their futures". Hop through for a few updates.

Freedom Blooper Reel Released by Hosun Lee

Sometimes blasts from the past are a ton of fun. Hosun Lee has released what he calls the City of Heroes Freedom Blooper Reel that is a ton of fun for fans of the now-defunct title.