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City of Heroes Articles

How Fans Will Resurrect City of Heroes

City of Heroes may not have gotten resurrected by NCSoft after last year's shutdown, but fans aren't willing to let go of their favorite superhero extravaganza. Enter Missing Worlds Media and the team behind the Phoenix Project. We caught up with Jacob Bazzrea, Studio Manager, and Nate Downs, Technical Director, to talk about the project and how fans can get involved. Read on and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Farewell to CoH

As the days of City of Heroes come to a close, we took the opportunity to revisit the game one last time during Wayback Wednesday. Take a nostalgic look at CoH with our Wayback leader, Rob Lashley, then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Issue 24 with Matt Miller

City of Heroes is expanding again with Issue 24: Resurgence. We had the opportunity to chat with Senior Lead Designer Matt Miller about the expansion, what it brings to the game and much more. Check it out and then discuss the interview in the comments.

Death of the Statesman Interview

Last week, City of Heroes was rocked with the death of one of Freedom Phalanx's most iconic members, the Statesman. We had the opportunity to chat with Paragon Studios Lead Designer Matt Miller about this momentous event and its repercussions. Check it out and then let us know what you think in the comments.

Freedom Interview with Brian Clayton

The announcement that City of Heroes was adopting a free-to-play revenue model was met with a lot of excitement in the MMO world. MMORPG.com's Garrett Fuller had the opportunity to chat with City of Heroes Executive Producer Brian Clayton about "Freedom". Check it out!

Checking In With City of Heroes

There's been a lot of news lately about that -other- super hero MMO but that doesn't mean that big things aren't happening at Paragon Studios and with the team behind City of Heroes. MMORPG.com Industry Relations Manager Garrett Fuller recently had the opportunity to check in with CoH Producer Nate Birkholz to find out what's new with City of Heroes. Check it out and then be sure to comment below!

Going Rogue Launch Day Interview

Today marks the ambitious game redefining launch of the City of Heroes expansion Going Rogue. MMORPG.com's Garrett Fuller had the chance to interview Paragon Studio heavy hitters Matt Miller, Melissa Bianco, Jesse Caceres, and David Nakayama about the fundamental changes coming with Going Rogue, about their thoughts on the Moral Alignment System and more.

A Talk With Melissa “War Witch” Bianco

MMORPG.com's Mike Bitton was at the recent Penny Arcade Expo in Boston where he spoke with City of Heroes' Melissa “War Witch” Bianco about the game and what's coming down the line.

New Lead Designer Interview

MMORPG.com's Garrett Fuller recently spoke with the new Lead Designer for Paragon Studios' City of Heroes, Melissa Bianco, about her new position and the future of the game.

Guest Author Interview

MMORPG.com's Garrett Fuller recently had the chance to ask a few questions of City of Heroes' Joe "Hero 1" Morrissey about the new Guest Author program and other issues surrounding the Mission Architect system.

Mission Architect Awards Announced and Discussed

Today, Paragon Studios is announcing that they will be holding awards for the best use of the Mission Architect system. As a part of the announcement, our own Jon Wood spoke with Joe Morrissey about the contest and the feature that allows players to create their own in-game missions.

Issue 16 Comic Con Interview

While at Comic Con, MMORPG.com's Carolyn Koh caught with with Matt Miller and Joe Morrisey of Paragon Studios to talk about the upcoming Issue 16 update to City of Heroes.

Short Going Rogue Interview

After the announcement that Paragon Studios was working on a new expansion for City of Heroes, franchise Senior Lead Designer Matt Miller took the time to answer a few questions from MMORPG.com.

Mac Version Interview and Video

City of Heroes Senior Lead Designer Matt Miller responded quickly to a couple of our questions about the recent announcement that City of Heroes ha launched a version for the often forgotten by game Mac. Also, find an amusing takeoff of the PC and Mac commercials from TV, announcing the move.

Issue 13 Changes Interview

Today, we learned that Issue 13: Architect had been re-named Issue 13: Power and Responsibility due to the fact that the much anticipated Mission Architect system had to be pushed back to Issue 14 and has been replaced by a number of new features. In this interview, Brian Clayton (Executive Producer) and Matt Miller (Lead Designer) answer a few of our questions.