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City of Heroes Articles

Profitable or Not?

The closing of City of Heroes by NCSoft was a heartbreaker for many current and former players. In an investigative piece here at MMORPG.com, we take a look at the closure and whether or not CoH was a profitable game raising speculation about why it was closed in the end. Read on and then join the conversation in the comments.

Freedom Video Review

MMORPG.com is committed to bringing our readers innovative and interesting ways to find out about their favorite games. In our latest video review, we take a look at City of Heroes: Freedom. Check out City of Heroes: Freedom Video Review and then let us know what you think in the comments!

Fight Crime in Style Contest

With the recent launch of City of Heroes: Freedom, MMORPG.com and NCsoft have partnered up for the "Fight Crime in Style" contest where one lucky winner could win 5 years (60 months) of VIP subscription time to City of Heroes: Freedom and be flown out to Paragon Studios to have their hair cut using a Flowbee by Matt "Positron" Miller!

NY Comic Con Panel Report

Recently, MMORPG.com Community Manager Michael Bitton had the opportunity to attend the New York Comic Con and play host to some of the biggest names in MMO game development today. The Paragon Studios team was one of those luminaries and they gave a great panel discussion about City of Heroes. Mike has the complete breakdown of all things CoH including a terrific look at Issue 19: Alpha Strike which brings the end-game Incarnate system into the game. Read on!

"See" the PAX Panel

MMORPG.com's Joe Iulani recently attended PAX Prime and had the chance to sit in on the City of Heroes panel titled "Going Rogue...and Beyond". Utilizing a new way to report the panel's contents, Joe lets readers "see" the content of each of slides presented during the panel. Feast your eyes on Joe's City of Heroes PAX Panel.

A Look at Going Rogue

MMORPG.com correspondent Carolyn Koh had the chance to take a look at the upcoming City of Heroes expansion, Going Rogue, with Paragon Studios' Lead Designer Melissa Bianco. During the overview, Carolyn got a firsthand look at Praetoria, a fully realized and populated city. Check out all of the new information about Going Rogue in Carolyn's latest article.

PAX Panel: New Info Revealed

MMORPG.com's Mike Bitton was on hand at PAX East this past weekend for the City of Heroes panel in which they reveal details on their upcoming new Issue, the Going Rogue expansion and the long awaited endgame system.

Looking at the Guest Author Program

MMORPG.com City of Heroes Correspondent Cecil Adkins writes this look at the CoH Guest Author program, and even offers his own insights into one of the new missions.

Depth of Customization

MMORPG.com City of Heroes Correspondent Cecil Adkins writes this look at the depth of customization in Paragon Studios' City of Heroes franchise.

Leading By Example

MMORPG.com City of Heroes Correspondent Michael Mcnutt writes this article giving players tips on leading a group in NCsoft's superhero game.

Correspondent Septermber Overview

MMORPG.com City of Heroes Correspondent Michael Mcnutt writes this overview of the most recent happenings in the world of City of Heroes / City of Villains including some tips for Issue 12 and a look ahead at Issue 13.

Correspondent - Musing on Superheroes

MMORPG.com City of Heroes Correspondent Michael Mcnutt writes this article muising on superheroes both on the big screen and our video game monitors as he writes his introductory article.

In-Game Advertising

Today, NCsoft announced that they had teamed up with a company called Double Fusion to bring in-game advertising to City of Heroes / City of Villains. For now, the advertising is limited to the billboards that already exist in-game (and carry fake ads). NCsoft is very quick to point out, however, that the new ads are optional although profits from the ads will go directly into game development and upkeep.

Non-Exclusive Issue 10 Info

The folks over at NCsoft and Crpyic Studios have released a fact sheet and historical background on the upcoming Issue 10: Invasion that sees the alien Rikti return to Earth. While this is not a feature that is exclusive to MMORPG.com, we felt that the information was worth getting out, so enjoy!

Exploring Issue 9: Breakthrough

New MMORPG.com writer David Murrieta explores the recent Issue 9: Breakthrough expansion that was released for City of Heroes / City of Villains and offers his insight into the addition.