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City of Heroes Articles

Demon Summoning Journal

Demon Summoning is coming with the City of Heroes Going Rogue expansion. Today, Paragon Studios Character Animator Colin Brown tells us a little bit about bringing the new power to life.

Matt Miller on Balancing Ranged vs Melee

Today, we ask paragon Studios' Matt Miller about his philosophies on attempting to balance ranged and melee combat styles in an MMO.

Power Set Proliferation - Issue 16

The folks from NCsoft have provied us with this developer journal focusing on Powerset Proliferation in the upcoming Issue 16 update to City of Heroes. The journal is written by Senior Designer Floyd Grubb.

Overcoming the Impossible - Powers Customization

NCsoft's Matt "Positron" Miller, the Lead Designer for the five year old City of Heroes MMO, writes this developer journal discussing the Powers Customization system that will be available in Issue 16.

Issue 13: So big it can’t be contained in a single update!

City of Heroes Lead Designer Matt Miller wrote a letter to the game's player base today detailing a change in the planned update, Issue 13: Architect that will see the Mission Architect feature removed (to be published in Issue 14) and the name of the update changed to Issue 13: Power and Responsibility.

Stretching the Genre: Creating Cimerora

With the release of Issue 12: the Midnight Hour for City of Heroes and Villains, NCsoft has prepared a non-exclusive dev journal by Senior Art Lead, Ken Morse, which looks at the process behind creating the new Greek and Roman inspired area of Cimerora.

Issue 12: The Midnight Hour and Me

City of Heroes Senior Designer Joe Morrissey writes this developer journal telling us about the Midnight Squad, a group of heroes that has appeared in past lore, but makes their first appearance in Issue 12.

Issue 11 - Standing Apart in a Crowd: Weapon Customization

Last week, we brought you an interview with Matt "Positron" Miller about the upcoming Issue 11 update from City of Heroes / Villains. Today, the folks behind the game have provided us with the story behind the new weapon customization that will make an appearance in Issue 11.

Non-Exclusive Issue 10 Dev Diary

NCsoft has released this new developer diary talking about the upcoming Issue 10: Invasion that will see the game's storyline advanced.

Invention System

Matt Miller, the Lead Designer for City of Heroes / City of Villains drops by to give us an exclusive developer journal about the game's Invention System.

Creating the Veteran Rewards Program

The Lead Designer of City of Heroes talks about how they built the Veteran Rewards program.