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    Action MMO
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    Unity 3D
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Chrono Wars Overview

Chrono Wars is a new free to play browser MMORPG from Narvalous and FancyBeans. With action-RPG styled combat, loads of features that are standard for MMORPGs, and with a microclient to download and play the game, Chrono Wars offers a lot for a little time and little hassle. Time travel to the past, battle hand-in-hand with legendary leaders against fierce Phantom Armies who invaded the world to steal time. This is Chrono Wars.


  • Cutting-edge technology | Proprietary Fancy3D Engine: a light-weighted powerful 3D engine.
  • Cinametic 3D Visual Effects | Ultra-realistic game setting, a feast to your eyes: beautiful characters, breath-taking scenes, eye-popping beasts as your pets, and powerful mounts that you can choose from.
  • Epic Story Line | Time Travel to 6 Eras in History. Battle with historial greats to defeat Demons and Save Our World.
  • Many Play Modes | Glorious PVE, PVP, Field Battles, and Boss Fights. Control your character, control the world!
  • Spectacular mount and pet systems | Master of the fiercest beasts.
Dragon Arm System Added

Narvalous has sent word that a new feature has been added to Chrono Wars. Called "dragon arm", the system allows players to literally have a dragon arm attached that gives access to the awesome power of dragons and enhances attributes as well as adding new attributes of Grit, Block & Block Rate. To show how the system works, the team has put together a new video.

Wedding & Cavalry Systems Added

Browser-based Chrono Wars developers have announced the addition of two new systems in the game that will be of keen interest to players. First is the wedding feature that unlocks at level 52 and from which players can benefit through completion of in-game activities and wedding ring upgrades.