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    Action MMO
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    Unreal Engine
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Chrono Odyssey Overview

Chrono Odyssey is an upcoming Next-Gen Fantasy MMORPG planned for PC, Consoles, and Mobile by South Korean studio NPIXEL. Chrono Odyssey was slated to go into testing in 2021, with a release sometime in 2023. However, no further news or details have been shared by NPIXEL.

A teaser trailer showcasing official gameplay was released on May 3, 2023, but no release date was given. It is likely that Chrono Odyssey will launch in 2024.

Players will explore the world of Setera, utilizing a powerful artifact to alter time called the Chronotector.

At first glance, Setera may appear as a peaceful, beautiful land filled with nature. However, Setera is also now the frontlines of the war against the Void, which has been ongoing since the beginning of time. This land is filled with the dangers and chaos caused by twisted time and space and contradicting timelines. These same dangers provide countless mysteries and opportunities not afforded to any other world. Uncover the secrets behind Setera's timeline and find a way to save everyone — including yourself.

The Chronotector is a powerful artifact said to have been created by a mysterious ancient civilization known only as “The Great Ones.” It holds the power to warp and manipulate space-time to the holder’s will. Though it has lost much of its original strength, it is still capable of twisting time and space to create effects irreplicable by even the world’s most powerful magic.