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Chronicles of Elyria Is Releasing A Stand-Alone Kingdoms Of Elyria Product, Per New Video

In the latest Inside Chronicles of Elyria video series, Soulbound Studios broke down with the team behind the MMO is working on, detailing the Kingdoms of Elyria management sim being released to backers.

Pre-Alpha Equipment & Inventory Exploration

The Chronicles of Elyria site has been updated with a progress report showcasing what the team has been up to over the last several weeks. Of notable interest is the fleshing out of the Equipment and Inventory systems.

 Lore & Defining Unique Stories for Each Server

The Chronicles of Elyria team has put out an interesting video that details the cooperative effort between developers and communities to create unique lore for each server. In this video, each of the monarchies presented are on the Luna (NA-East) server and were created by its community of players.

Pre-Alpha Progress Update

The Chronicles of Elyria team has published a new video to give new fans or interested backers a chance to see what the game is and what the team has planned as the game progresses through its pre-alpha phase of development. There's a lot of new footage including customization options as well as environments and characters in action.

Latest Live Stream Q&A Reveals More Tribes Information

The Chronicles of Elyria team was on hand last week during a Twitch stream where they spoke for nearly two hours speaking about the tribe system that CoE will feature. Late last week, the team provided even more information about tribes and has published its most relevant facts in this overview video.

Tribes System Detailed During Recent Stream Event

The Chronicles of Elyria team was on hand during a recent Twitch stream where they spoke for nearly two hours answering player questions. One of the more interesting topics out of the entirety was the discussion about three of the game's dozen tribes.

Just About Everything Under the Sun in New Q&A Stream

The Chronicles of Elyria folks participated in an open Q&A session with their community and one that lasted a whopping two hours. It covers just about everything under the sun including farming, alchemy, herbology, and PvP to name just a very few. There are even a couple of nifty spoilery nuggets along the way.

Speed Run: PAX East 2017 Demo (Pre-Alpha Build)

Chronicles of Elyria just posted a spreed run of their PAX East 2017 demo, set to be shown to the public in a few short days. Take a look at the parkour and more.

Combat Video

Chronicles of Elyria aims to be the first MMORPG with features and mechanics that allow you to re-create those emotional moments and exciting scenes from your favorite epic fantasy novels and movies. This is no less true of our combat system than it is for the rest of our features. When thinking back over some of our favorite fight scenes from cinema and literature, one scene kept coming to the forefront more than the rest. What better way to demonstrate a story-book fight scene! Enjoy! Co

Parkour Preview

The latest video showing off movement abilities in Chronicles of Elyria