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Chronicles of Elyria Shows Off Weapon and Elyria Soul Renders, Land Rush Starts Dec 18

By Poorna Shankar on December 14, 2019 | News | 0

Weapon and Elyria Soul renders for Chronicles of Elyria were shown off earlier, while a land grab is coming on December 18.

The weapons look pretty great with the team showing off some pre-alpha concept thumbnails on their forums. They comprise of several blades ranging from daggers to polearms. The team designed these to look at crafting strategies.

Concept images were also shared for Elyrian Souls. These come in several different colors and forms, but contain a similar overall shape,

“In Elyria, a soul should help convey to you all what sort of affinities it has, be that the light/dark affinity spectrum or some more abstract affinity like “this soul has had experience and expertise in soldiering” or, even, both types of affinities at once”

Finally, the team shared information about the land rush coming on December 18. Check out the short tweet below, and get ready to stake your claims.


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