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Chronicles of Elyria Shares Video of Pre-Alpha Advanced Traversal Mechanics Gameplay

Close to providing Alpha 1 backers with playable version

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Chronicles of Elyria team have shared a pre-alpha gameplay video showing off advanced traversal mechanics.

The team says they’re getting, “preeeeeetty close” to providing their Alpha 1 backers a playable version of this. They note the gameplay on display is developed in their Prelyria art style which is deliberately low-poly,

“Because it's not just boxes and global lighting, it's allowing our art team to explore mood and ambiance, as well as experiment with lighting for organic, indoor spaces.”

But, the team notes, once they’ve fully tested mechanics, the visuals won’t stay like this forever,

“Once we've tested the mechanics and are happy with them, the team can worry about amping it up to the full-fidelity Chronicles of Elyria art style. It's a "Measure Twice, Cut Once" kind of process!”


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